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Hi! I'm Kelli Spencer

Kelli Spencer

You’re likely facing some, or all, of these issues and tired of feeling stuck. You could be described a caged animal desperately searching for a way out of the misery, unsure of how to free yourself from debilitating thoughts. Wondering if you will be one of those people you hear about with an illness that could eventually take your life. Facing the fear that this is all there is to your life. Figuring you will be a failure the rest of your life.

I understand how scary it is to overcome crippling illnesses, dysfunctional relationships, lack of money and low self-esteem. Oh how I’ve been there!!

If you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone, today could be the day you start the progression to leave fear (False Evidence Appearing Real), because that is what struggle, and health issues are…just false evidence showing up to get your attention.

If you found your way here, I can help!

When you work with me you:

  • Begin to free those imaginary shackles you have in place designed to keep you feeling small and insignificant.
  • Start to embrace how wonderful you are and understand how important it is that you come first in your life. No, I don’t teach you how to be rude and selfish. Just how to keep yourself happy and healthy.
  • Introduce “feeling good”to your body again. Believe it or not, when we suffer from any kind of illness, trauma, struggle or hardship, we forget what it feels like to have a healthy lifestyle.
  • Finally find your true purpose this world has been waiting to see so you can leave that legacy.
  • Start to love the life you have!!

If reality was easy, the world wouldn't be running from it!

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