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Animal Wisdom - Rooster


Rooster’s reminder is that of increased time of fertility happening right now with concentration towards Resurrection and Commitment.

Roosters job is to rule the roost making eggs fertile.

Rooster creates a fertile environment in which to access information pertinent to you.

Fertility can mean many different things.

Fertility to create a new life as in a precious new baby, or perhaps to birth new ideas. Look around to see what is new for you right now.

Resurrection is amongst you, but you need to work with the universe seeking guidance within yourself to see the new areas of your life taking shape.

Rooster helps you gain optimism where there is none. Everything happening to you is that way in order to resurrect an old part of you that needs changing. He is committed to helping you find happiness in everything you do. He is here to show you; you are in control even if life is feeling a bit out of control..

You may need to revive old material that you’ve worked on in the past but shelved. Bring back every concept from the past incorporating that work into any new material of today. The combined material takes you forward on your path or journey you’re on now. Whether personal or business related, you will know. It could be a mix of both. When you feel “less than” any person, you begin the need to control the area around you which is considered your territory. Be mindful of this action. Let go of any fear that comes along with anything new. Nurture yourself while you incorporate and become familiar with the duality of old and new together.

You are a shining light that needs to be revived….this light is in you to show other people who you are. This light within you has dimmed causing you to feel a bit out of control. In order to remedy the problem, you need to strut your stuff showing the world who you are so you will no longer be held back. Mind you, not overly confident, but in a manner that shines above others with humility intact.

Don’t be afraid, you were born to be recognized. You’re just a little unsure of your abilities right now. No matter, if you allow your light to shine you will once again reign superior in the roost.

Rooster is also here as a sign for you to work with your Root chakra. Remedy this situation by working with meditations and mantras specifically related to relieve pressure in that area.

Call on the Rooster when:

  • You need guidance of how you  want your life to look
  • You feel life is out of your control.
  • You feel as if life is moving to fast where you’re afraid to make any commitments.