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Animal Wisdom - Moose


Moose is here to encourage you to dream and create big visions. Big, BIG VISIONS!
He acknowledges there are truths that have been denied by your soul. Believing in yourself and your abilities creates a power inside you that is unstoppable.
Moose comes to you lending you its strength. Others will soon be looking to you for direction, inspiration, and guidance. You only have to look at this enormous animal to see how he can deliver for you.
This animal is also a reminder to feel proud of all your recent accomplishments and to share them with others, but not to be boastful or competitive. Just be joyful with heart emotion attached. We all get to learn from your achievements so shine your light brightly with lots of love while teaching us.
He is enormously loving, so when moose is present be prepared for increased areas of sensitivity.

Call on the Moose when:

  • You’re being excessively self-critical, putting yourself down with thoughts, and words. Remind yourself only of your positive attributes.
  • You need to help encourage your children and others to recognize their self-determination or free will empowering their efforts. Re-enforcing your teachings.