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Lemur wants you to know language plays a huge role in your life. You are an excellent writer. Words come naturally for you no matter what form of language you choose.

When your life is not balanced you aren’t particularly boisterous, meaning you hold back what you’d like to say and only say what you feel is necessary. Not that it’s recommended, but if this is you, consider having a few drinks to let your guard down in order to get out what needs to be said. When living a balanced lifestyle you are naturally witty and clever, always having something interesting to say with a great sense of humor that keeps others entertained.  Instinctively and only if you’re in a balanced manner,  you’ll  know how to use communication for your benefit saying what you need. So use your words with good intentions only when you feel your instinct kick in. Make sure you come from a loving space.

Having a balanced energetic space is very important for you to argue your point very clearly with grace and poise. Don’t be afraid to voice yourself. You should not concern yourself for speaking up as long as you come from a place of love. It’s the other persons responsibility not to take what you say personally. Remember you are just expressing yourself as you see the situation.

Call on the Lemur when:

  • You’re working your way out of one situation and into another.
  • You’re curious about your past and need to reflect on memories and want to find a place for them in your now.