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Animal Wisdom - Wolf


Wolf is coming to you right now reminding you to let go of things that no longer pertain. The more you hold on to something that does not have your vibrational level the less likely you’re able to bring in new concepts.

Look at your behaviors and characteristics. Rid yourself of the ones that no longer have a feeling of gratitude, love, fun, and enjoyment. All others will need to be changed willingly, or you’ll be forced to change them.

Valuable insights, ideas, and new teachings are coming your way so pay close attention.

Wolf comes your way when you’re facing the end of a cycle enabling you to go through it with courage and dignity.

Wolf protects you at all times spiritually and psychically.

Wolf supplies guidance. Although, it’s your job to be present to heed that guidance.

Change is occurring whether you like it or not. Trusting in yourself, and your gut instincts will lead you to your path.

Taking control instead of letting life force itself upon you allows for healing.

Call on the Wolf when:

  • You feel lost with regard to a relationship, project or your career.
  • You’re confused about your life’s path.
  • When extremes in differences leads you in one direction or the other, making you feel isolated and alone or overly involved in others well-being