More than a few times in the last month, the snake has come up in conversation and readings. He is speaking to me today but not by my choice. He came to me in a dream the other night so forceful I needed to defend myself. And then when I didn’t pay attention to his message he had to make his presence even more in my face by this horrific site!!

Image courtesy of Racehorse Rescue Center

So let me explain what the snakes message is about….especially since he chose to be bound up so radically just to get our attention…

2013 was the year of the snake for the Chinese. And 2013 officially started us on a journey of rebirth even though we’ve been working on this as far back as 15 years ago.

We no longer can be the people we are.

Our bodies are being made over to better withstand the energies that have started to take place.

With this one action happening in the universe, it has seemingly brought about a lot of commotion and struggle for some, and others, a lot of peace, enjoyment, and abundance.

How can this be?

The snake is about death and rebirth. It’s about shedding an old skin (your no longer viable old life) growing a new one (a life you were always meant to have, but are too afraid to go after).

This action signifies either struggle or goodness in the event that you choose. If you fight the coming of your new life….”change“…..what ensues is a struggle.

When you’re shedding your skin, it can look and feel uncomfortable, to say the least…..

Have you ever had an opportunity to see a snake in this process? I have, and it’s not a pretty site.

He has no hands to help him rid his skin. What he does have are objects such as rocks, tree bark, and other hard surfaces to rub against as he moves along making his skin loose shedding what no longer is necessary.

He willingly endures this seemingly painful motion knowing he’s better off getting rid of what no longer works for him understanding instinctively his new skin will be better.

Can you imagine how painful this process might seem?

Of course, this is a metaphor for a lot of people that are suffering as they go through a rebirth process.

Much because you can’t see where you’re going.

It’s scary to create a new life when you don’t know what’s going to happen or who’s going to be with you. What if you need to start completely over?

The rebirthing process would be a lot like going to kindergarten for the first time. Some kids run right into class so happy to be there. While others stand at the ginormous front doors needing to be coaxed in with reassurance that if they go they will enjoy themselves….. Much like your Mom probably promised you when you were first going to school. Telling you that you’d be just fine, and you’d enjoy yourself. I know I said this to my child. And yet, she didn’t trust me because I wasn’t going with her.

You are needing to do this all alone.

You fear the unknown so much that you have to fight your way through. Much like the snake has to use the hard surface to shed his skin. So this process of gaining a new life may look and feel very challenging to you.

In human terms, if you’re not trusting any given situation as “it just is” and “all will be well”, it then boils down to you choosing to go through this process struggling.

You need to let nature take its course by you choosing to go through the shedding process of your old life. Intuitively you know this process is a natural occurrence realizing where you’re going is much better. Although the prospect of having to rub up against rocks, (challenges) to help you to overcome your process is a bit scary.

The result if you trust the rebirth process is you begin to see that this situation should be happening and that it’s okay to change your life.

Now you begin to shift your focus to the new skin growing (your new life you need create). And you become excited about it rather than continue to concentrate on the struggle of what’s happening to your old life.

Things finally start to go smoothly for you.

No matter what, when the snake shows up, it is always about personal change so intense that the skin (self) metaphorically dies off and a new self-appears.

You soon begin to see things in a new light.

Love is the option you choose instead of anger, hatred or rage. You become a loving integral part of Mother Earths process to keep this planet a viable source from which to live.

You can expect to experience dramatic or unexpected healing from astonishing sources, but only if you allow the new skin (new life) to grow.

You will, however, stay steeped in physical health issues if you choose the struggle while dispersing the old skin process.

Let go of your old life, it no longer can serve you…..

You have risen to new levels of energy. Your life as you know it will now be the past. Your old life won’t work no matter what.

What you have around you will no longer pertain. So instead of trying to keep your old life the way it is you need to shed old material possessions and emotions, and the emotional attachment to everything- people, places, and things.

Especially YOUR old identity.

When you find yourself needing to move into a new life, it can be very scary.…. You may find yourself bound up (stuck) not being able to move forward. But if you look towards the new concepts of not only the outer image such as living, but also the inner body as in healing illness and energetic balance (meaning going from one extreme to the other), life goes way easier.

You can always call on the snake while going through any transition of any kind. He will gladly help you slide along at an even, smooth, consistent pace.

Look at how well the snake moves through, up, and over, any obstacle that he encounters in nature. It is that simple for you as well even if it’s not feeling that way at the moment.

Snake is here to show you that you can overcome any challenge.…even illness.

Shedding your old skin is a metaphor to help you release any and all self-destructive or self-defeating tendencies or habits. Besides, you won’t want them with you on your new vibrational level ( your new life).

Staying where you’re at will only serve to give you the appearance of unknown territory or a darkness. Scary because, all the old has a different vibrational level making you feel as if you want to run from your old life and yet you will feel as if you can’t move from it either. And this process will not show light to the new or higher vibrational level where you’re going because you’re not ready for it yet.

If you resist any changes, that need to be made what will happen at this point will be anticipation of “something” which is nothing more than a judgment. Not at all the full truth. False positives are making you feel as if everything should be okay, but in truth, your intuition is telling you it is not….This action will lead to nothing but anxiety.

The fix is to be willing to shed your old skin, (old life) before it starts to do you harm physically. Remember….if the body is not being recognized for what it needs and wants it has a way of getting your attention by making you physically ill.

All illnesses start emotionally first.

This rebirthing process is Mother Natures way of providing us with an option to see oneself and others through love, joy, and happiness. It’s her way of keeping you from bringing with you all those old levels that no longer pertain, nor help you.

In the end, this process is only here to serve not hinder one’s progress moving you into a better life of ease and prosperity.

May you be blessed with love and understanding while you go through your rebirthing process.