Bach flower essences in my opinion are the natural wonders of the world. There really isn’t any reason why they should work, but they do, and they work great! They are completely natural and safe to use alone or in conjunction with other forms of treatment, including allopathic or homeopathic medicines.

Essences are extracts that have the fundamental properties of plants in concentrated form.

There are 38 original essences that were created by Dr. Bach in the 1930’s who suffered a severe hemorrhage, with a prognosis of a tumor that needed to be removed.

After the removal of the tumor doctors told him he would only have three months to live. Intending to advance his research as far as he could, he went back to work and found himself gaining strength out living the prognosis of the doctors treating him.  He was convinced his sense of purpose is what saved him. This purpose led him to go on to discover flower essences, and since then hundreds more have been developed.

Dr.Bach believed there was a better way of healing other than what was currently working, which at the time, and now, is treating a symptom that arises when the body is out of harmony and balance.  It’s not about finding the cause.

Flower essences are important in any healing process because they help restore the emotional balance and harmony of the individuals true nature, thereby helping to remedy the disorder(s) and or disease(s).

He was intuitively guided to these all natural creations given to us by Mother Earth and the heavens above to gently and effectively move you back into balance from the life that has thrown you out of proportion from what was to be your truest potential.

Anyone can work with these flower essences on their own at any given time, but what tends to happens to most people is that the ego gets in the way, which shadows or hides the real truth from you. This, then, can get in the way of the true nature of what may be going on with your emotional thoughts.  You tend to get trapped in this veil of belief that really is not so true. However, it can be easily revealed when working with a practitioner. Often times it’s better for an individual to leave it up to the professionals trained to hear what’s really going on with you.

Working with a flower essence practitioner does have it’s advantages.

I’m trained and certified through the CNHP program to work with Bach’s original 38. They worked for me, and they can work for you!

Flower essences can take the place or work in conjunction with other healing modalities or chemical substitutes to ease and guide your behavior forward by allowing the brain to function properly and more to its original state of emotion rather than allowing all the trained behaviors to seep in and stay put.

Scheduling a half hour session will:

  • Allow you to see where you are out of balance emotionally
  • Allow you to see what essences may be beneficial in realigning you to a more balanced state.
  • Show you how to use flower essences safely and effectively
  • If you have been fighting an up hill battle trying to figure out why you continue to stay in a pattern of illness or emotional upheaval you may want to consider flower essence therapy.  After all, Dr. Bach knew that by treating the emotional factor to any given disorder and bringing back a sense of purpose you too can live a happy and harmonious life.

Sessions are $60 for 1/2 hour

Sessions are available in-person, or via phone or Skype.

Sessions often included in a psychic reading with no additional charge.

Essence mixtures are $15.00 plus $7.00 shipping and handling

(plus tax where applicable).

Sessions and essences are payable by cash, credit card, or PayPal.

To schedule an appointment, please call 320-240-6399 or click here to email your appointment request.

 Flower Essence Therapy – $60.00