Ever have one of those days when you feel like crawling back in bed, pulling the covers up over your head and sleeping your way through the overwhelming feelings?


Eighty Five percent of society live from the root chakra. An energetic space rotating in the body located just below the pelvic area. 

This is the place where fear is generated.

Lack of or less than feelings are created here.

Lack of money or the fear of not having enough exists in this chakra.

Growing old, sickness, and self-confidence issues reside here.

All of these issues vibrate out to all of us causing some real anxious feelings creating those ‘get back in bed‘ feelings in the body.

Hang in there!! A lot of this type of energy is happening this week. Due mainly to the impending holidays and the real lack of money issues that make themselves very apparent this time of year. Especially when you think you NEED to buy gifts for everyone. You don’t. Most people just want to spend quality time with you. 

When this anxious, lack of, sleepy attitude starts for you, the way out is to work with the root chakra.

  • Think back to easier times. When time was not so sped up and things were fun.

TODAY, take the time to do a meditation(s) specifically for cleansing the root chakra.

Here’s one of my favs. It’s available free to us on youtube. It’s a piece of a bigger meditation on whole chakra clearing, but either way it’s a great meditation. Give it a try if you are in a place that’s conducive for meditating-meaning don’t do this while you’re driving, with kids around or at work.

Even better is movement like- jogging, walking, or any kind of physical activity performed outdoors.

Yoga exercises, specifically for the root chakra would be a good avenue as well.

And if you can’t do any of these options use SA TA NA MA.

Begin reciting this simple verbiage over and over all the while thinking of something pleasant and more relaxing.

In this Kundalini (your overall spiritual energy) mantra-

  • SA means- totality. The vast, beyond all limits or bounds.
  • TA-  is the light. The brilliant radiant light.
  • NA- is the whisper of release and stillness.
  • MA- is the celebration of creation renewed.

SA TA NA MA takes you through a cycle of beginning, ending and re-beginning. An excellent mantra to get you out of feeling like something is sucking the life out of you taking your energy. It frees all the chakras. It balances all the chakras. Chant it anytime you like.

I guess I’m headed for the couch to do a meditation. Since my outdoors is snow filled skies today. 🙂


Many grounding, clean root chakra blessings to you today!!