Who Needs A Hug??


Have you had one of those days lately? You know the ones… When you wake up feeling overwhelmed. You can’t seem to contain the anxious, insecure feelings welling up inside of you for no apparent reason. There’s this nagging ball in your gut, making you feel panicked as you sense a kind of darkness inside.

We all go through things in […]

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You are approved!!

Sometimes…well a lot of times if I’m really honest, I’ve felt like a failure or freak as I measure myself to others thinking I only have faults, not the gifts needed to help the world. Sigh…taking a deep breath.

In reality….truth is, I’m not a freak without capabilities…..I’m actually a masterpiece!!

Think about it, if we were created […]

How Is The NEW energy Affecting You?

What NEW energy??

We are still in the New Moon energy which occurred on the 26th!! With an emphasis to a triple number 8! And an eclipse!

As you may know, New moon energy is about taking you to those dark places inside us where we hide from ourselves, and keep our successes just out of […]

Fantastic Full Moon Just In Time

Just in time? Nothing is by accident. Full moon is showing up just in time to get you finished for the new up and coming fabulous One year!


Full Moon energy is a time when things are revealed.

A time to manifest everything you want in life! But…. of course there is a but…you have to […]

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Full Moon Packs a Punch Of Goodness

Last nights FULL MOON is packing a punch of “GOODNESS” ENERGY!!

If you feel a bit off or downright exhausted, frustrated, angry, or can’t quit crying today here’s why…….

This FULL MOON is full of GOOD energy!!

Now you might think I’ve lost my mind when I’m saying people are falling apart while good energy is in […]

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Springtime Brings New Personal Growth! Plus a FREE GIVE AWAY

It’s springtime!!
Personal growth has been planted making it’s way up through the vibrational levels helping you become a new person!
This is what springtime does for the human body. Even though you don’t realize it, you planted seeds to grow personally in your life.
All those challenging times you’re living through can be easily swept up and […]

There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel!

Are you stuck, not able to get over frustrating issues even when you think you’ve done everything you can?

I have to admit, if one more astrologer, numerologist, or psychic forecaster says something about how wonderful this month or year will be, I may need to start drinking.

I get it…anything in life can be great if we have the right attitude, […]

Magnificent NEW MOON Monday

Not only is it Chinese New Year it’s also Magnificent NEW MOON!!

A potent energetic time to set your intentions for the future.

It’s the year of the Fire Monkey and also the prime starting point of all manifestation! No monkeying around here. Only serious manifestation underway. Also Monkey business going on everywhere. You might think you’re going […]

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New energy With Eight Ways To Handle It

I pulled a couple cards today.

The first one, The World – AAMichael.


This happens to be a Major arcana card which describes major events and turning points in our lives. There’s no going back when you’re dealt this type of card. The change it creates is here to stay!

If you’re feeling unsettled at the moment, this may […]

You Matter!! Find Out Why You Continue To Stick In Patterns That Don’t Serve You

We’re half way through January and things are going to get a little shaky for some of us.

2016 is a completion year. So for many, it’s going to feel as if you’re hanging upside down having the life shook out of you. This is because you need to complete anything that’s not serving you.

As […]

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