New energy With Eight Ways To Handle It

I pulled a couple cards today.

The first one, The World – AAMichael.


This happens to be a Major arcana card which describes major events and turning points in our lives. There’s no going back when you’re dealt this type of card. The change it creates is here to stay!

If you’re feeling unsettled at the moment, this may […]

Balancing Techniques For Those Energy Sucking Moments

Ever have one of those days when you feel like crawling back in bed, pulling the covers up over your head and sleeping your way through the overwhelming feelings?

Eighty Five percent of society live from the root chakra. An energetic space rotating in the body located just below the pelvic area. 
This is the place […]

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Daily Inspiration- How Everyday Is A Good Day Even While In The Midst Of Tragedy

It’s been one of those days and it’s not even 10:00.
I was having a conversation with a friend of mine this morning. I sent her an email before 5:00 AM. She’s an early riser. Why, I’ll never understand. I like to sleep in till at least 9.
Here’s how it started off.

Yikes I can’t believe people listen […]

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Daily Inspiration- God And The Angels Will Help, But You Need To Allow It.

I was thinking this morning about my old life.
Really, we think all day long everyday about the dreams that pop into our thoughts. Or at least I do, not knowing for sure about you. Anyway, a lot of the time I usually go towards thoughts of ‘why do I bother dreaming’. Most of the time […]

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Daily Inspiration- Thank God For Unanswered Prayers!

God knows best, always!
Even when we think he’s forgotten about us.

Think he can’t hear our plea for help.

Or having a belief you did something so wrong. Causing you to ask what you’ve done in the past that was so horrible to deserve nothing that you’re asking for now.

The almighty source we call God IS always present in our lives.

The other […]

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What’s Stopping You From Loving Your Life Right Now?

When you use what God gave you there is peace that forms enabling you to love the life you have.

Are you using your gifts?

Do you know what they are?

I’m talking about the talents you were born with.

Maybe you are an artist, a great mother, a creative consultant or even the class clown. 🙂

We are so […]

Two Simple Ways To Love The Life You Have

When you live life just as it is not waiting for happiness or perfection first, life begins.

Every day you love the life you have you build a strong foundation from which to construct an even better one.

Of course, there will be challenges.

Like, what if you don’t have any money?

How can you love your life when […]

TODAY, Be Flexible

Have you ever noticed a piece of steel start to flex, make noise and eventually break when an enormous amount of pressure is placed upon it?

This is what happens to our bodies and minds when there is no flexibility. Eventually you crack. And sometimes break clean through.

I remember going through this when my marriage collapsed.

I […]

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Are You Appreciating Your Blessings?

Many times negativity speaks the loudest, making it easy not to see a blessing(s) was derived from the struggle or challenge that ensues.

Three years ago Handyman and I purchased a new home. A foreclosed property needing a lot of work.

While trying to find a new place that met our requirements, we had the challenge of […]

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Keep On Keeping ON- God Has A Better Plan


I know this can sometimes be challenging when you’re constantly seeking an answer to some troubling concept in your life. Not being able to find it is extremely defeating. Pile that on top of all the other challenges life throws at us it can feel debilitating to even go on.

Perhaps you’ve […]

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