Finishing 2014 In Love And Healthy

Nothing has been left unturned in my life and this year has been no different. Actually this year has pretty much kicked my butt. People, places, and things have been leaving fast and furious leaving me with this empty, lonely feeling as if I don’t have a friend in the world or any control over my life.

But nonetheless, I’ve been able to grow and change more quickly than I’ve ever been able to before!!

As a result, this class came about because my main goal was to finish 2014 with love in my heart feeling healthy and happy!!

  • Have you wondered how to be in a place of change when you’re not even sure where you’re going?
  • How to switch negative thoughts which you’re not even aware you’re having into positive emotional empowerment?

These questions and more came up for me. And, as a result, a channeled message came through.

Your spiritual self is teaching you if

In this tele-seminar:

  • You’ll find your self-empowerment enabling you to feel more in control.
  • Be shown how LOVE can grow in your heart allowing you to love the life you have. And everything else!
  • While learning how to empower yourself, you’ll be taking back control from a forced outlook wondering whether what you have is as good as it will ever get.
  • Moving you into an incredible life knowing you have the power to create whatever you want.
  • LIVING life instead of feeling as if life is being forced upon you.
  • Learn how to create and use a mandala. A shaman’s way of seeing into your soul. Enabling you to see what your soul wants. Ego free.
  • You’ll meditate. Meditation helps you to calm down entering a place of letting go creating an understanding of what’s happening to you letting it all flow with ease.
  • Raising your Kundalini…that unseen ball of energy that keeps us alive. Healthy and happy. You’ll learn how to get it moving keeping it moving full force!
  • Learn how to LOVE all things. Where there will be forgiveness involved. Which is a very good thing! Forgiving helps you heal!! It helps bring an end to pain and suffering. It helps you move on. Instead of trying to force something that is not working, you can now move on to the life you’ll actually love not being concerned any longer.

This class is a culmination of all of what I do.

  • Accessing my intuition.
  • Flower essence’s or combo’s will be recommended if you are finding yourself stuck.
  • Coaching techniques that I use in my practice.
  • Suggestions for herbal remedies and combinations to use for healing issues that need to be addressed in the physical body.
  • Nutritional value and how it plays an effective role in keeping you happy, and healthy.
  • And so much more!!


If you’re interested, this is a 4 week tele-seminar starting December 16th, 23rd, 30th, January 6th at 7:00 PM Central Time Zone.

I realize Christmas is filled with a lot going on. However, your health is very important. Why now? Christmas is about the gift of love! Love binds us all together. It’s a time of endings and beginnings. A time of tradition and rebirth. Tradition is ritual. Ritual is what Mother Nature practices. Rituals are what makes our bodies happy. 🙂


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