In the movie 50 First Dates, Dad yells to Doug, the son, after noticing the speed in which Lucy, his daughter came barreling into the driveway. They quickly jumped into action as he yells, “Having a bad day Doug!!”

Lucy came rushing into the driveway after hearing the news from a trusted friend.

She was told she lost her memory a year before in a car crash with her father.                                              

She was horrified finding all this out!

Painstakingly each night her father and brother would wash the same outfit she wore, add shampoo to the bottle and paint over a mural she created every day.

When Lucy heard about the car crash, she lost the stable foundation they planted for her each day feeling as if things were way out of her control.  She realized she was played each morning by her father and brother.

The next scene showed her crying on the dock for hours. Dad Doug and boyfriend Henry, whom she can’t remember from day to day since she suffers from short term memory loss discussed what to do next.

Ever feel so out of control you want to crawl in a hole and hide forever? Finding yourself crying for hours unable to grasp what the H E double hockey sticks is going on??

You just wanna stay in bed, pull the covers up over your head and never get up.

You want to do anything but what your life is all about now. 

Imagine what Lucy would go through each day. Even though it’s a movie, there are actual accounts of people that have lost their short term memory. They start each day as a new day.

Everyday, their lives start over.


I can see the positive to this situation and still feel the negative as I’m in the process of dealing with a flea infestation brought in by the cats. More on fleas in the next blog.

Needless to say, I feel hugely overwhelmed today just like Lucy, thrown off kilter and angry because I’m dealing with something that feels so unfair.  I want indoor cats like I’ve always had. Handyman wants hunters to keep the mouse population down around here.

He goes off to work, and I work from home right now in a flea infested house.

I’m washing everything in site, walking gingerly over the floors and rugs since they’re all covered in baking soda or borax to kill what I can’t get to right now.

I’m all out of wack much like Lucy having a bad day, because the last few mornings have not started with the routine I have in place.

Each day Lucy’s life started the same way even if it was a lie.

She wore the same clothes, did the same exact things, saw the same people.

Until one day she was confronted with outdated license plates. She argued the date with the officer. Losing the argument she ran to the news stand only to see her routine was not what she thought it was.

My usual routine starts on the treadmill for 20 minutes.

Then I sit on the couch I can’t at the moment, drinking a cup of bulletproof coffee meditating to gain clarity for todays actions.


The positive side to Lucy’s situation-

  •  She gets to start each day as it is.
  • No worries from the day before.
  • No care for what happened, what went wrong, what might have taken place.

All of what we are supposed to live even without memory loss. 

The negative;

  • Even though she had a routine, she wasn’t in charge of creating it.
  • She had no clue what her life was all about.

Research has shown people that start their day with a routine are much more grounded, more relaxed, think better, and make better decisions. 

People who suffer from depression are more likely to feel out of control, have no routine except to stay in negative beliefs and feel as though life is not worth living. Everything to them feels continuously chaotic. Life in general, becomes to overwhelming feeling as though they can’t change a thing.

After seeing what Lucy went through, Henry left that night with an idea.

The next day he brought her flowers and a video.

He created a recap of the events that happened to Lucy showing her what she went through.

Instead of lying, much like we do to ourselves daily, he showed her the truth.

The next scene showed her crying, but only for an hour or so. She was able to grasp what went on and her days were changed from then on.

Now she watched a new video made for her before she left her bedroom.

Empowered by the truth, not avoiding it, she also created a journal writing down everything that happened to her daily making everything even more real.

Finally, she had a routine that was healthy for her.

Do you have a morning routine in place?

I’m not talking flying out of bed showering so fast you don’t remember, eating Taco Bell on your way to work.

I’m suggesting you take back your power by;

Journaling each night your day. Empty all the mess, feelings, frustrations, worries out on paper. Make them real, showing the truth of the matter right there where you can see it and deal with it.

Yep, my life feels like it sucks right now pulling off the bedspread before we went to bed last night because the cat jumped up there and probably left fleas behind.

The real truth is, this is not a situation out of my control. I’m grateful Handyman is here helping me with it, and neither one of us are going to die from it.

It might be, you’re dealing with a transformation in yourself. Maybe you’re in a vibrational growth pattern wondering where you’ll end up. Feeling overwhelmed too, since you can’t see the end in sight.

Or maybe you’re dealing with a relationship you should probably end. Or you don’t want it to end, but the other person is contemplating just that.

When we allow ourselves to see, and feel the pain of truth, you don’t fall apart as much any more.

Actually, you align with more control more able to create an action plan.

By starting each day with some sort of routine you gain back your power. Which is especially true for Vata energetic bodies. These bodies more than the other two need a strict routine to follow.

What practices do you have in place?

Philosophy 50%

Practice 50%


  • How do you want to show up today? I’m not talking showing up as a caregiver doing good deeds for others. I’m talking who do you want to be.
  • What type of person do you see yourself as? Empowered, respected, respectful, loved, loving, compassionate, strong, beautiful, confident, happy, trusting. Or are you acting as the victim struggling through the consequences thrown your way?


  • Asking- Am I around people who lift me up? Or, do they drag me down? 
  • Asking- Am I doing everything I can to empower myself today?


  • Asking- Have I done all I can to repair a part of me that seems to be struggling? Or, are you just accepting the place your in even if it doesn’t feel good?
  • Asking- What will it take to get myself to feel better today? Music, dancing, asking for help, a new job, going for a walk?

Do the same in other areas such as financial and professional.

Then get to work-meaning Put in place practices (routines that constitute forward motion) 

This is the time to get out of your head. And get the body moving.

After indicating how you will show up in all areas-

Stretch your body before you get out of bed.

Do a few sit ups or leg stretches right there.

Do even a five minute meditation. Believe it or not, meditation is about getting out of your head and more into movement. Where can your spiritual self take you before you do anything else today? Go for a journey to see all the “what if’s” taking place.

What if- You get out of bed, happy. What will that look like? A smile on your face all day even through the bad stuff? A skip in your step instead of dragging your feet?

What if- You notice you have plenty of money even though it doesn’t look like it for real. What does all that money look like? 10’s of thousands in your bank account?

What if- You choose to stop eating sugar and other unhealthy foods? Especially for breakfast! What would your diet consist of. Lots of good proteins like turkey bacon or lean meats like Bison Elk or Wild Caught fish? See your good eating habits already in motion.

What if– You let yourself do something that’s been nagging in the pit of your stomach for months? What if you finally do it today? What does that scene look like? Did you decide to NOT have anything to do with a person that drags your energy down even if they’d be family members? Did you see yourself walking out of your current job because you opened business or got that job your heart has been indicating it wanted?

Successful people start their mornings off with a routine and a detailed action plan.

What are you going to implement in your mornings to start off on the right foot forward?

I love playing what if’s! 

“What if ” you accomplished every dream you’ve ever had, and the outcome was WAY BETTER than you could ever have imagined?

Happy implementing new routines that work for you.

And, traveling the what if’s!!