What NEW energy??

We are still in the New Moon energy which occurred on the 26th!! With an emphasis to a triple number 8! And an eclipse!

As you may know, New moon energy is about taking you to those dark places inside us where we hide from ourselves, and keep our successes just out of reach. Unless we bring them to light like writing detailed wants on paper manifesting anything is almost impossible.

Eight is the number for infinity. A continuous never ending energy based solely on abundance.

I heard the sun and the moon were at 8* degrees in Pisces creating the eclipse. Eclipse energy amplifies new moon energy taking us even deeper into the darkness. Meaning the days before the eclipse trigger feelings of being stuck in anticipation and anxiety. And the days of the eclipse and after, trigger the energy for leadership courage and infinite possibilities. So there could be a lot of confusion going on right now.

We really don’t need to get to caught up in the exacts except to remember this energy is about the number 8.
February 26 – 2+6= 8
And 2017 is a 17 year which 1+7 adds up to 8
And the 8* degrees in Pisces.

888 is the sign for infinity!! Meaning-unlimited extent of time, space, or quantity!


The Chinese year is Rooster making this all about resurrection and increased fertility within the relationship you have with yourself. Reviving old parts of you that you may have given up on.

And the NEW month we just headed into is all about increased focus to get you moving towards your goals feeling confident.

Everything happening this year occurs in order to resurrect an old part that needs changing. A sort of death and rebirth process. Just look at what’s taking place in our government alone.

This year the universe is committed to helping you find happiness in everything you do! Showing you; you are in control even if life is feeling a bit out of your control.

Add all this up and you get a year of complete change, brought about through new energy and new beginnings! And it doesn’t stop there!!!

There’s also BIG endings to all this powerful energy! Because of course, you can’t have New beginnings without some sort of ending. So, there is no doubt going to be some pain involved. That’s okay…..you CAN handle it!!  You ARE amazing!!

Rooster helps you gain optimism where there is none. Reminding you everything happening to you is that way in order to resurrect an old part of you that needs changing in the first place. He’s committed to helping you find happiness in everything you do.

Living through feeling hurt and pain on a regular basis makes us suppress most of it instead of tackling it head on. This is why we need energy portals like the ones occurring to get you to move out of what DOES NOT WORK any longer.

Like pulling the Rune Stone Hagalaz meaning- Don’t try to fix what we should break before it breaks us. I’ve developed a love hate relationship with this stone for sure!!

When you feel “less than” any other person, you begin to feel the need to control the area around you which is considered your territory. Be mindful of this action. Let go of any fear that comes along with anything new. Don’t let yourself rule out the new because it feels to painful at the moment keeping the old just because it’s familiar. Nurture yourself while you incorporate and become familiar with the duality of old and new together.

I refer to this process like changing oil in a vehicle. The oil comes out dirty and it’s viscosity is used up. You can’t put new oil on top of old using a dirty filter. Everything mixes together and nothing makes sense anymore. You will need to change the old oil. Meaning- You need to change a few things in your life in order to get maximum flow out of your engine again.

There’s no doubt we need to change concepts about ourselves in order to take advantage of the newness this year and the abundance the 8’s bring to light. Otherwise you’d be perfect Patty with everything going along hunky dory. And if you are, Great!! Normally though with this type of energy coming in, this is not always the case.

More of Rooster’s message- You are a shining light that needs to be revived….this light is in you to show other people who you are. Rooster is here letting you know your light has dimmed causing you to feel a bit out of control, depressed and/ or miserably confused. In order to remedy the problem, you need to strut your stuff showing the world who you are so you’ll no longer be held back. Mind you, not overly confident, but in a manner that shines above others with humility intact.

All in all, this year is going to force you to end old relationships that do not serve your highest good.

The most important relationship is the one with YOURSELF!!

This year is going to force you into new relationships that only serve to build you up. All the rest will go to the wayside.

Don’t let yourself get stuck in that rut of What will I do, Where will I go? How come this keeps happening to me? kind of thing.

Commit to learning everything you can about yourself this year!

  • Learn who you are by journaling.
  • Talk to your heart! Ask it what it wants you to know.
  • Journal daily emptying your soul of all the hurt and pain this world throws at you everyday. Include the old back stories you still tell, since it’s the year of Rooster making you resurrect the good stuff you left in the past.
  • If you felt you needed to voice yourself in a situation but didn’t, do it on paper Now.
  • Work with March’s New forward motion energy by designing action steps that will keep you advancing out of stagnation like creating a morning routine.
  • Keep a journal next to your bed. Start your day with Gratitude for one thing and then expand on that with five additional sentences. Studies show this is the best technique to help you. End your day with another round of gratitude.
  • Get your body moving even before you get out of bed. Do some stretching right there!!
  • Once you get out of bed, drink good clean water to flush away the nights negative energies that came to visit.

New beginnings are never easy. No matter what, there is always an ending that needs to take place.

Quit what’s wrong, but NEVER quit what’s right just because it’s difficult!

Honor your learning journey by being patient with yourself and getting help when you need it. Like taking advantage of finding out what your born strengths and weakness are. We all have them, however over the years suffering through pain and fear they may not be as intended anymore.

I can help in this area by accessing your records to see what they were intended to be.

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Many blessing to you for a great NEW rebirth!!




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