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I pulled a couple cards today.

The first one, The World – AAMichael.


This happens to be a Major arcana card which describes major events and turning points in our lives. There’s no going back when you’re dealt this type of card. The change it creates is here to stay!

If you’re feeling unsettled at the moment, this may be the reason why. Even though this card signifies good things, the human body, mind/thought is not really equipped to grasp this area easily based on the feelings of fear that surround us.

Think about it….we never know when the next war is going to start. There’s always some sort of speculation going on in the world.

Which then brings up the next likely suspect–when and where will the next terrorist attack take place?

Or the constant thoughts about which loved one we might lose today.

Not to mention the easier yet still unsettling feelings of insecurities about your body, health, growing older, and relationships.

All of this energy generates an underlying sense of fear in everybody, making the body feel uneasy causing it to tense up forcing your thoughts in all sorts of directions it shouldn’t go.

Today is TODAY only. There is nothing behind it nor in front of it. Living in today is a blessing not a curse.

I myself take the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil approach to life.

       1. No news is good news! All news casts have one thing in common- negativity. I’ve stop watching, listening to, and reading the news. If I need to be informed my guides will make sure I am.

       2. I can’t help but feel overwhelming gratitude as I experience another day with the people in my circle. Concentrating on living, the living, makes me happy. And keeps me Loving The Life I Have.

       3. I believe I’m blessed by God when I’m content with life just as “it is” concerned with nothing being right nor wrong, realizing everything is just different.

       4. I understand the path towards enlightenment is nothing more than living who “I am” at this moment. I pay attention to and follow my gut instinct making sure everything makes me happy. If not—I’ve learned to change it even when it’s scary as H***!

        5. There’s nothing like the feeling of a job well done!  Especially when it’s developed through living a life filled with satisfaction for all of Mother Earths creations. After all, experiencing LOVE for everything is the number one healing method for the body, the soul, and for Mother Earth. Created by God, costing nothing, and easy to implement just by paying attention to your judgmental attitude.

Archangel Michael showed up today as a reminder that we’ve successfully completed something of great importance. Even though it may not feel like it, when you master implementing the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil approach to life, you’re ready to move on to the great things this card implies.

Which leads us to the next card or area of thought. The Three of Water


This is a Minor arcana card reflecting the day to day aspects of our life. Not surprising that this card follows the World card.  After all, the ego has a hard time implementing anything new unless it sees where it’s headed. This card is the physical reinforcement your mind needs in order to keep you moving in the right direction.Water represents flow. We need this card along with the first one to flow into the major transitioning taking place in order to celebrate and have more fun, instead of feeling afraid and mourn.

This card is also a sign to relax and enjoy what life has to offer. Good fortune is there for those who can and will accept it.

God blesses us everyday. We however, can sometimes find a reason or two not to accept those blessings.

Stop working so hard pushing against things that don’t work for you. You might want something to work, but what if it’s not supposed to? Instead, flow easily to what can work. Sure it’s going to feel a bit scary, anything new usually does. It won’t if you trust you’re well taken care of by God and the angels. You’ll soon begin to see the new concepts these two cards represent in order to settle you into your new norm. Remember God and the Angels see a much bigger picture than you can ever imagine.

         1. Ask yourself questions-  Don’t be afraid of the answers you receive.
“What if the job you thought you wanted, but were turned down for, was not a big enough dream for you?”What if that guy you think you love is really not as good for you as he should be, and this is the real reason why you continue to have problems.””What if you’re not losing the weight you’d like because you really eat sugar foods to self-medicate your ego masking your thoughts of feeling better?”

         2. Observe. Get silent and listen. Not to what’s being said, but what is actually happening.
After my relationship failed with my ex there were oodles of people that voiced how we were not right for each other. Where were those people when I needed the ability to flow easier in life? I asked that question to several of them. They said I’d never have listened. They were right. I was so busy doing, I didn’t take the time to ask what I really needed and then listen.

         3. Communication is the first line of defense. Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions.

These cards showed up today as a reminder to make better decisions, choosing happiness, contentment, joy and well-being over fear.

TODAY- live here- now- focusing on gratitude for having another day filled with- you choose, the energy is ripe for it– goodness, joy, the people you love, fulfillment in your heart, or feelings fear generates by the lower negative frequencies set in place to keep the world as a mass unsettled, and health concerns a major epidemic in this world.My prayer for you is to enjoy a happy, peaceful day filled with love and kindness assured everything happens as it is meant to for whatever reason, since there is a higher power above us that is really in charge. 🙂

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