New Moon: Your Truth And PowerNew moon’s energy is here. It arrived on the 21st and will be with us for a couple more days.

Moons energy cannot usually be seen, but if you live in life’s “now” you will be able to feel it. And before long you’ll see your efforts working with the moon come to fruition.

The moon along with Mother Earth and all the other universal energies are here to help our body and mind more than we can imagine.

Moon has been lending its power to us for an eternity to create and manifest.

Mother Earth’s animals, trees and other plants have given us the power to heal for thousands of years.

God and the Angels along with all the other universal power have been around for eons. The power of prayer is a proven result.

And as long as it’s free why not take advantage all of it. 🙂

I’ve had some really challenging months this year.

The kind where confusion sets in making you ask God what you’ve ever done to deserve something that feels so unjust bringing with it frustration, anger, and despair.

Just when you think you can’t handle anymore signs are presented.

I had recently been wondering how I’d have the strength to persevere when I read a blog posted by Suzanne Mcrae appropriately called Never Doubt The Power Of Prayer. She happened to post her blog at the exact time I needed to see it.

A definite sign.

In her blog, she talked about familiar aspects.

She talked about praying to God. And then how a friend had a dream with her in it. Suzanne’s friend delivered her the word STRENGTH…a sign for her and another sign for me.


Even though, these signs show up doesn’t necessarily mean life will get any easier.

What happened was my determination to get through what was going on became much stronger. My confidence may have diminished, but my strength was making a triumphant return.

As I find myself in New moon’s energy it just gets better.

As New moon’s light begins to grow it helps us create building from our hopes and dreams. And as the light grows into full moon power that light manifests our desires.

Add in FIRE and you now have brute force working for you!!


While this is me less the manicure…I dig in dirt wayyyy too much for manicures to be realistic; I do love setting things on fire. 🙂 No, not just anything….but present me with a Mother Nature ritual, and I’m there!

There is nothing like creating a burning ceremony to reverse and conceive more for your life!

Mother Nature and holistic healing traditions are all about rituals.

When Mother Nature wants to give new life to something that is seemingly giving out like a forest, for example…she will set it on fire. We think of this as a tragedy, but really it is a blessing in disguise. As the fire rips through cleaning out the old no longer functioning mature trees, they give way dropping their seeds to keep their heritage alive. The seeds grow prevalent in the newly composted soil supplied by the decay of dying wood and other organic matter. The result is new growth with stamina to keep growing healthy for a long time to come.

So I sat down and wrote out everything that I need to let go. Anything frustrating attached with confusion and anger was on this paper. I then ended my list with everything I wanted to create.


I built a fire. 🙂


I chucked the paper in…..setting free my concerns asking for help from the New Moon and also surrendering my issues to God.

It’s easy to concentrate on struggle.  After all, that’s what society has groomed people to do. Instead, I’m going to concentrate on what God gave me. The ‘strength’ I was shown to have.

By writing your worries and concerns on paper, and also what you want, you inherently use “strength” creating a roadmap to overcome challenges.

I asked for the power of universal guidance to be delivered via a very strong ritual using healing energy created for us by the beautiful Moon, God, and Mother Nature.

Add in drumming and for sure you’re getting your prayers answered….:)

drum copy

You do not have to use such an enormous fire or even a drum. I just happen to have access to do both.

You can perform a Green Fire Ceremony created by Sonia Choquette.

This smaller more intimate ceremony can be accomplished in your home.

Please be careful. Anything related to fire can be dangerous.

When I work with this ceremony I use a big soup kettle that I keep just for this occasion with a large fire retardant sheet pan placed underneath. You could place your pot in the kitchen sink maintaining even more safety.

You can also easily create a drum by using a plastic bowl and wooden spoon.

Click here to gain access to Green Fire Ceremony.

Enjoy New Moon’s energy while it’s here.

Moon’s energy, New or Full come once a month. There will always be plenty of opportunity to use this kind of service.

Check this blog monthly, or sign up to receive notifications of new blog posts to learn more about moon energy and much more to help heal your mind body and spirit holistically.



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