The Shaman is a self- reliant explorer of the endless mansions of a magnificent hidden universe.  ~Michael Harner

The word Shaman means healer. The word actually originated in Siberia and eventually came to be applied to all medicine men and women of indigenous culture who’s practice includes the flight of the soul.  The core practices are called core-Shamanism- a phrase coined my Michael Harner.
Several years ago I received my core training through Ravenfire Earth Wisdom Teachings and ever since then it’s been one of my passions in life. I’m fairly certain Shamanism runs through my blood I’m that passionate about it.  I live, eat, and breath the ways of the earth. It’s just so natural to me.

Along with Ravenfire, I’ve studied the teachings of two of the greats, Sandra Ingerman and Michael Harner. Not being able to get enough of this wonderful healing modality, I continue to absorb more knowledge on it each day.

Shamanism is a way for you to reach your soul.

As a practicing shaman I work with you to regain your soul parts and to clear out all of the unwanted bad energies that attach to you in any given day.

When the body is inflicted with trauma, parts of your soul break off and move out of the human body, leaving you vulnerable, weak, indecisive, desolate, resulting in a feeling a loss of great magnitude. Many times an individual will seek comfort from another individual having them fill the voids that have gone. Ultimately, what begins to happen is that you are decreasingly dissatisfied with most everything in your life including the people you’ve sought to keep you whole. It’s at this point where shamanism plays a huge role to bring back those lost soul parts. This enables you to heal in all avenues. Body, mind and spirit. Once again you regain the feelings happiness and joy.


Extraction and Soul Retrieval are $100.00, Extraction alone is $85.00

Payable by cash, credit card, or PaylPal

Soul Retrieval and Extraction work takes approximately one hour. Soul Retrievals and extraction are scheduled via phone or email and are performed in-person or remotely.

To schedule your session, please call 320-240-6399 or
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Soul Retrieval and Extraction – $100.00
Extraction – $85.00