Everyone has a soul pattern.

Soul patterns are planned scenarios we carry out as we live. Sometimes everything works great and at other times not so good. These patterns are called the Akashic records of our life.

The Akashic records are located in the universal energy. An etherial place way up in the sky where things are unseen. It’s where your personal information pertaining to your successes and failures are registered.

In my words, it’s the result of you standing in front of God just before you were born to discuss what is expected of you while you are in human form. It’s what you agreed to accomplish, or not, while you’re here. You signed, in writing right there, a list of things you’d learn and achieve. How you’d learn them and what you’d become and why. And anything else that pertained to you being the person you came to be.

  • You come into your body to teach and learn making this world a better place.
  • You and God worked out how you were going to use these patterns.

I read these records. I’ve specialized in this area working as a psychic medium for over ten years.

Sometimes your records can get off track making you wonder why things are not going as you planned.

The traumas suffered through life events can mess with them forcing you off course.

Your information can change by looking too far into the future not living in today. You miss occurrences put into place that were supposed to signal you to take action.

For years I lived in a very dysfunctional marriage. I tried many times to get out of the relationship. But I always seemed to go back. And every time it got worse. It wasn’t until a friend of mine that did this sort of reading told me I had a 15-year commitment with my ex. I agreed to endure all of what I went through. I signed up to live that dysfunction, chaos, and misery with this man!! Good, grief! Sometimes you can’t see what is right in front you. This is why we have practitioners doing this type of work. After she told me what I had in place I realized it was year 15 when I moved into a separate bedroom. And finally, after several years of building my confidence I left in year 21.

I could have left my marriage in year 15, but because of trauma I suffered as a result of a flawed childhood I was left with low self-esteem. I had to repair that first and then I was able to leave my marriage easily. And now I am happily remarried.

  • Part of your reading will locate if any, problem areas where you may have gone off track.
  • All of what I tell you in your reading will help to enhance your life. Or your given tools to change patterns that don’t work for you.
  • I’ll refer you to tools, and techniques that can help repair any trauma area(s) so you can get back on track.
  • You can look ahead to see what is planned for you. And you can look back to see what you missed giving you the opportunity to pick that up now.

Soul patterns can be re-written. There is a clause giving everyone free-will.

You have the opportunity to opt out of any of the many patterns we take on if they do not or no longer serve your highest good.

Soul Pattern Readings are available in-person or via phone or Skype Monday through Friday

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