Have you ever noticed a piece of steel start to flex, make noise and eventually break when an enormous amount of pressure is placed upon it?

This is what happens to our bodies and minds when there is no flexibility. Eventually you crack. And sometimes break clean through.

I remember going through this when my marriage collapsed.

I was not flexible. I could not see a better life.

The possibility for me to leave was evident. Instead, I lived with fear.

I endured the many years of chaos.

And finally after 21 years my body broke.

I ended up with all kinds of illnesses completely preventable had I been more flexible. I should have trusted everything happening would end up in my favor.

TODAY, whether in a bad relationship or a bad business or whatever you find yourself dealing with….ask you to be flexible. Bend with what is asked of you. Get out of your rut. Change your plans. Take a risk, and be willing to go with the flow.

See how far flexibility will take you out of a seeming crisis.

Remember God and the angels always have your back protecting you and guiding you in your best interest only.

file8271313613140Be as flexible as a mountain stream ambling along. After all the stream has no choice but to keep flowing.

Understand there is a purposeful destination that you’ll be arriving at which is divinely created with your best interest at heart.


Affirmation:Today and every day forward I am flexible and open to new possibilities. I am living without fear, adaptable, and open to what the universe wants me to participate in!