Vibrational energy is an energetic life force feeling of well-being inside you that can be lost or scattered as you get older encountering any negative or traumatic aspects of life.

I specialize in guiding you back to your strong self-confident nature using a four-step process which my angel guides helped me design. It involves working with your thoughts uncovering hidden truths as well as working with the four parts of your body that keep you healthy. Your mind, ego, heart, and spiritual self.

Over four weeks it teaches you to access those lost parts which calm the ego that’s taken over.

From thought to action, you’re led down the path that was meant for you, allowing you to live the life you love in joy and happiness with complete success in any endeavor.

This process is defined as vibrational coaching because you have to ask yourself what portion of your day are you in “vibrational” harmony with your desires? Which simply means, how much of your day are you happy, eager, fulfilled, and satisfied? What portions of your day are you sad, angry, irritated, frustrated, blaming, anxiety-ridden, or have a feeling of being stuck?

If you could, wouldn’t you change these images about yourself?

Sometimes you’re so close to the reality of what you’re creating that you can’t seem to see the bigger picture or how to get there on your own.

My guides brought me this 4-step program to change my life, and change it did! It’s now available for you.

Does this mean you’ll allow it to all take place??? Not necessarily. Sometimes you’re not ready to let go of your pain. Even if it feels bad, it’s all you’ve grown to know. Letting go of pain can be a hard task to undertake, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s all up to you.

You’re the only one that can make your life a success.

I’m here to guide you, giving you the tools to change your life.

You’re here to enact the change and stick with it.

One step at a time brings great results.

No matter what, you do succeed in this endeavor! The angels make sure of it.

By creating a solid foundation from which to reside, you’re able to bring to you a fabulous life that up till now was only in your wildest dreams!

As one of my clients said… one day her soul just opened up regardless of all the objections she’d given me.  

What else can you expect while working with me in vibrational coaching?

  • You learn more about yourself than you might want to know.  The ego has a way of hiding from you what you should be knowing.  I bring that out for you. You may not always like to hear it, but it helps you move and make progress.
  • You learn a fast approach to turn feelings of being trapped into the knowing you have choices and can freely make them.
  • You learn to work with a gratitude scale. Developing the skills to be grateful for the things you do have in your life allowing you to come from a loving place instead of a controlling place.
  • You learn where you’re residing in life’s consciousness scale and how to move yourself up the vibrational ladder.
  • You learn to release that proverbial ball and chain to your past that holds you back replaying struggle and hardship over and over from your life circumstances.
  • You open up to emotional, financial, and wellness freedom because you’ve let go of any of the long-term, or even generational, barriers that keep you from obtaining what’s to be yours..

All of this and more brings you to a state of loving the life you have no matter what!!


Sessions are One Hour Each, Minimum of Four Sessions Required – $250

Sessions are available via phone or Skype one time per week for 1 hour
with unlimited email access to me.

Payable by credit card or PayPal.

To schedule an appointment, please call 320-240-6399 or
click here to email your appointment request.

 Vibrational Coaching Four Sessions – $250.00