10 to 15 years ago you, me, and the rest of the world joined a united front to come together as a community with one common goal.

The goal is to re-create ourselves into a human being able to possess much more light (understanding) and loving than we’ve ever had in the history of mankind.

A conspiracy planned through the cosmos of the universe to make us, as individuals, want to help save the human race from destroying itself and Mother Earth in the process.

Since then we’ve been going through some energetic ups and downs. Some we are aware of and some, like the one that happened a few weeks ago kind of sneak up on us.

When we ask for what we want the universe delivers.

The concept of healing the world is here.

You may have experienced a not so pleasant day on Wednesday the 25th of March…I know my clients did. And so did I. The energy of that day was very intense, to say the least.

You may have felt extreme confusion, or emotional distress, depending on how sensitive you are to energy flares.

What happens, which is not visible making it hard to understand, are vibrational openings in the universe lending extreme energetic activity created to end the cycle of life we have. Much like what happens when high pitch sound breaks glass. We can’t see the vibration causing the glass to break. But we see the after effect of the glass broken. All of this energy is designed to create a better human by re-wiring or re-birthing our inside emotions. (Breaking them down so we can put them back together a better way)

These energetic activities involve an array of occurrences such as solar flares, solar and lunar eclipses, full and new moon phases and some we can’t see. They can only be felt.

We get caught off guard when these energy shifts happen since there is nothing to see. Imagine how this can affect the human body if these shifts are known to make the earth tilt off its access a bit.

The one that happened on March 25th and continued through the first part of April was a doozy!!

There is no denying that we are in a rebirth, re-wiring process with energy this intense.

As we transcend to create a better race, the physical body and mind will continue to take a beating.

The Snake came to me, as an animal spirit guide in such a horrific way to get my attention. His information enlightens us a bit further on the situation at hand. He reminds us that we are for sure in a transformational stage of re-birth. Or as some call it re-wiring. Read more about Snake here

Some problems that can occur while we move through this process are:

  • Dizziness
  • Feeling light-headed
  • Confusion
  • Weakness occurring in the body
  • Anger and frustration
  • Sadness
  • Crying or the need to cry
  • Exhaustion
  • Digestive issues
  • Headaches
  • Unpleasant feelings yet there seems to be no trigger for them
  • Fear
  • Physical illness such as flu, cold’s, fevers, and coughing

I had one client tell me she and her husband got into a heated argument the night this energy started. She was very surprised since they were getting along so well. She said the argument just seemed to come out of nowhere.

Nothing is off limits when these intense energies hit.

This process of re-birth must happen so we can continue to grow into more loving, and understanding beings designed to save ourselves and Mother Earth.

We are forced to let go of what no longer works to create what will. It’s hard to do this willingly when you’re afraid to release what feels comfortable. Even when you realize that part no longer works for you. There can be an enormous fear that develops when we’re led involuntarily into something without knowledge of what’s happening.

I’m surprised that I still hang on to my fear of failure. As I look back, the evidence shows I’ve been pretty fearless to try new concepts. So why not let it go? Simply because failure is a comfortable feeling for me even if it does not serve my highest good.

Energy flares make you work on what you need to release so you can let go of “baggage.”

For instance, if your issue is anger (baggage), you’ll need to learn to work without that emotion. It’s hard to be loving when you’re angry all the time. How can you love someone if you’re always looking through angered eyes?

You’ll be made to look at how you become angry. People will show you their anger making you aware of what you do. And then, by paying attention you’ll be shown what it will take for you to resolve your anger issues.

Some of this progression is not always comfortable. It can be confusing and emotional.

Your guides will be relentless in taking every opportunity to point out what no longer works for you. You may find yourself often provoked by an anger situation until you realize this is a mirrored reaction for you to see that anger is “your” issue, not the person causing you to be angry.

As you work on your imbalances, over time there is less and less baggage to deal with as you transcend into a better human being.

There is great opportunity in calling on your angelic helpers to ease you through any transition.

God, the Angels and animals all know what’s going on. They are more tuned in and tapped on than us.

Transformation is good in its form, but we tend to fear any emotional release.

Our first thought is to cover emotions, so we don’t feel the pain.

We’ve been trained to fear problems and physical symptoms so you might panic thinking something is wrong. But the symptoms are nothing more than an energy shift making your body uncomfortable.

When you feel the effects breaking you down, you need to remember we asked for this.

Everyone is attracting this new vibrational frequency.

Some people that are more sensitive, especially children, may experience more severe symptoms.

In order to have anything new, we need to discard what no longer is of our highest interest to make room for more of the good stuff-unconditional love and understanding, joy and happiness.

You may feel the need to move on from friends and family or jobs and where you live.  As you re-wire, people, places, and material possessions no longer feel the same way. There begins to be a distance between you and what needs to be let go. Discard material possessions that no longer have value to you. They only serve to weigh you down. We do live in a material world so you will need physical possessions. You just won’t need as much of them.

Let the process of moving on work for you. When you do, you create a more positive flow.

You are rising energetically.

You will not go through any of this alone, even though, your experiences will be unique to you.

If there seems to be no physical person going through this with you, God and the angels are there.

As we experience these body changes, your angels are with you loving you and taking care of you the whole way.

You need to look at your body in a different way.

After all this human vessel is what we are trying to preserve.

In order to make it to this new vibrational level (a new place in time and space even though we are not going anywhere), you need to move your body and fuel it properly.

The more you move physically, old energy will move out, and the new energies will begin to take shape and find the proper place within you.

Work with the Root and Heart chakras.

The Root Chakra is where we live in the material world affecting our understanding, health, material possessions and money.

The Heart Chakra is our loving, compassionate place where we love ourselves and others.

Here is a great root chakra meditation I found on youtube. Click here to view.

Exercise the body to ground into Mother Earth allowing you to create a more calm feeling.

Good exercises to keep you grounded and also to move out sluff are-

  • Bicycling
  • Jogging
  • Dancing
  • Yoga

Exercising works, because, stagnant energy accumulates toxic sluff- (all unnecessary material being discarded) As the body is re-wired this sluff gets trapped in the lymphatic system our transporter of toxic waste. Since the lymph system has no pump, you need to get physical with active or up and down motion to clean it out.

I might be dating myself…but remember the calisthenic exercise called Jumping Jacks? A great exercise for you and kids along with the fore mentioned.

Any transformation can be intense and with more energetic openings like this one it pays to be prepared.

Allow for some down time when you feel these symptoms coming on. 

  • Work the body correctly doing some physical activity daily.
  • Meditate daily
  • Feed your body with good fresh foods eliminating all pre-processed and high sugar (carbohydrate laden pop, breads, grains, pastas, pastry) foods.
  • Take a bath with sea salt, Epsom salt or Dead Sea salt. Visualize washing away all your concerns.
  • Breathe in positive energy. Exhale out toxic thoughts
  • “Link up” A process I created.

Here’s how it works..Ask for Father God (masculine) Divine Mother (feminine) to bring their golden white, loving light (energy) down through your Crown chakra (located at the top of your head). Visualize this light moving through each of the seven major chakras (Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root). Cleansing each of them as the light moves through. As the light reaches your feet, imagine the energy grounding into the center of Mother Earth’s core. Ask for Mother Earth’s energy to join with the golden white loving light. Visualize the energy traveling together back through your chakras. Traveling beyond the Crown chakra past the stars, the moon, the Milky Way and beyond. Linking your spiritual self with your human body to become one making you a stronger, more loving person.

When you work with one or all of these concepts, you’re more able to move freely with less anxiety especially through these intense happenings.

You will be less likely to be affected by the friction going on when we have these energy shifts.

And if all else fails…sleep. Remove yourself from the daily grind for awhile to re-wire in a calm, peaceful environment.

Hang in there!

Everything will be okay. Your guides will make sure of it.

Happy re-birthing!!