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And Mercury retrograde!!

Do you have the camel around you? Are there pictures of camels that appear in front of you? Have you seen a physical camel lately?

When the camel shows up, I find myself cringing at the prospect that he’s here.

The camel is about drying up, going long periods of time without.

The well, your well, seemingly dries up. You may find your bank account drying up. You may feel as if there is no money coming in. Or that what money you did have is being sucked away as quickly as it arrives.

You may find that once “what was” is no longer working as it did.

Not only are we in Mercury Retrograde, which can hamper mechanical aspects from working correctly including your voice in which to communicate clearly, the camel is bringing in his message too.

If you’re not familiar with Mercury retrograde, It’s a process that takes place in the universe for a period of weeks, which forces the planet to look like it’s spinning backwards throwing everything off here on Earth.

Nothing seems to work correctly.

Mechanically everything goes a bit wonky.

Even the human body is not exempt from this process. Your thinking is hampered as well as your ability to communicate clearly .

When Mercury is in retrograde, it’s a forced time to make you look back at what you have NOT been able to complete thus far in your life. Now’s the time you’ll be made to take a good look at all those unfinished projects and this time, finish them.

Not only is this action effective in getting you to work on those projects, it also makes you look at yourself bringing to light once again all the aspects that no longer work for you.

All those restrictions that keep you from being the successful human being you’ve come here to be, which include having a good relationship with yourself and others, how you live, and what type of job you have. All of this comes along with the need to look at your ability to make and have money.

Nothing seems to be off limits with Mercury Retrograde.

And now, the Camel!! Really!!

It’s as if he’s teamed up with the universe to get you to look at everything that has no energy left to it. There’s seemingly no strength, no stamina to effectively help you to achieve your greatness.

Although…’s really not all that bad.

The Camel is about stamina too.

He’s here to get you to look at your STRENGTH and your PERSONAL WEALTH.

You really should honor the Camel, and also, Mercury Retrograde for what both deliver.

Perhaps you should really think the camel is here because you need to look at YOUR LACK THEREOF.

Camel wants you to look at-

  • What you feel is lacking in your life.
  • What doesn’t work in your life.
  • What is no longer needed in your life.

Allow all that energy to be sucked away by the force of Mercury spinning backwards, since you can’t seem to do it for yourself.

Instead, acknowledge your ability to make money, to have money, to achieve success, in whichever way works for you.

What the camel really brings to light is your ability to be successful, and to have a lot of money if you so choose. He is not purposefully taking it from you. However, he is here to make you aware that deep down you don’t think you deserve to have any of this.

If camel comes to you, you may be thinking that you don’t have what it takes to make yourself happy.

Being successful and having money is a path to happiness, but not the only route.

Camel coming in, is really about you not having the strength to go that extra distance to make yourself happy. You tend to stop short of your goals which only proves to you that you cannot succeed and therefore most times, in your mind, a failure.

The camel is here to escort you during those dry, damaging thinking times.

Really all the camel is doing is bringing to light the discrepancies of your inability to give to yourself all the happiness you deserve in whichever manner works for you. Spiritually or materially.

Ever wonder why some people are always plentiful, and some are always weak and lacking? It’s because they believe it to be so.

Thank the Camel and also the energy of Mercury Retrograde.

Believe that you do indeed have the stamina and strength to overcome and endure any lesson that may come before you.

Truly believe that you can, if you want it, have all the success and money, or anything else for that matter, that you think you want, because you believe it to BE SO.

Call on the camel for his help by asking him to help you with:

  • Unending projects you think you have no ability to finish.
  • To carry you to the answers you need in order to complete your projects that have been eluding completion.
  • To bring clarity to what you hide from yourself.
  • Ending what is no longer needed and does not serve your highest good in your life at this time.

Kelli Spencer Shaman Practitioner

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