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Swan, one of the most magnificently beautiful creatures we have on earth today. Not to say there are not others. It’s just that when swan is around you can’t help but notice.

Swan reminds us to do whatever it takes to keep our faith. 

It’s important to accept your life circumstances. Especially now at this time. 

Going with the flow allows you to gain momentum giving you the opportunity to turn lemons into lemonade showing you life is a precious gift deserving of all the gratitude you can have for any one thing.

When you do this is when you’re able to change your life to it’s fullest potential.

As you accept the confusion surrounding you now, you’ll soon find clarity and purpose to any confusion you face. 

When you focus on the gifts life has to offer you’re seemingly gifted with precious insight on how to make your life the success you’d like it to be. Although, as of now, you haven’t been able to find the inlet as of yet. 

All of Swans magic allows you to awaken to the power of yourself.

The deep commitment that you should have for yourself and your own growth will now be evident. Allowing a new energy to appear bringing with it an inner force of resources where the universe will support all of your endeavors.

Hold on as swan swims into your life! You’ll be shown new ways of thinking. Your old thought process will be thrown out with the bath water at this time. There’s no recovering it at all so don’t even waste the time trying.  

With every breath, you take you’ll breathe new life into your existence finally being able to flow with life’s twists and turns with ease and grace. Meaning it would be a good time to meditate while deep breathing. Or to take up yoga, or work with Kundalini mantras all of which work with the breath. The oxygen gained will help clean out the stagnant energy that lives within your cellular memories living in your body allowing to create even more change with ease and grace.

Swan reminds you to accept what lies ahead. Reminding you to pay attention to your inner knowing. That intuition you know you have. That gut instinct which showed you hunches that have paid off in the past. And to honor your feminine side for the knowledge that it delivers. You have the answers. You’ve had the answers all along.

All in all, swan reminds you of your inner beauty. Your outer beauty as a human being. And to remind you to shine so brightly allowing others to see you.

When Swan shows up, you will be, there is no doubt, going through some change(s) in your life. Although, you’ll be able to go through them with a kind of grace that has not been present for you up till now.

New opportunities are coming your way, trust in yourself it leads you to a new life.

Call on the swan when:

You’re out of touch with your inner self. Your inner beauty. Your inner strength.

You’re ready spiritually and emotionally for the person your were meant to be from the beginning. And for that one special person, that soul-mate that you’d like in your life now.

You’ve been so focused on aspects that have not worked in your life so far that you’ve forgotten about the magic that life has to offer. 

You’re out of touch with your beauty and the beauty of others. And for the beauty that Mother Earth holds.

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