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Is there really anything better than belly laughing??? I suppose there is, but when you’re deep into a good laugh it just feels really good.

The other day my husband text me asking me to look at what he posted on his Facebook page.

He’s always posting funny tidbits, and we laugh at them all the time.

I couldn’t help but laugh at what he posted. Check it out…

I laugh everytime I watch it.

Of course it’s not really politically correct, and I see it was banned from the airwaves, but it is funny. It made me laugh. That deep down belly laugh. This commercial was probably so funny to me because I grew up around animals. Our horses were always doing funny things, and I had a dog that farted constantly so this commercial resonated with me.

Although, the most fun was watching my husband that night when he came home talking about it.  He was laughing so hard. It made me smile as he enjoyed something so much. It just felt good to see him laugh. And it felt good for us to laugh together.

This Thanksgiving holiday, my husband, Todd, and my girls Anna and her friend Joy sat down to eat, and I was again amazed at how good it felt to laugh.

We laughed at each other, and all the comments that were being made.  It was so much fun to have laughter all around me.

It was just so much fun to laugh!!

After a great meal with a lot of laughs, we sat down to watch movies. Grown ups 2, Red 2, The Big Wedding, and Heat. We found ourselves laughing through them all.  More fun laughing.  I felt so blessed as I looked around at my family having such a good time laughing.

The day proved to be wonderful, and it felt really good to laugh.

The next time you have something funny going on just let it be about the belly…laughing that is.

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