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Full moon is light energy showing the way. Helping to guide you.

An eclipse is showing the darkness that surrounds you, or what needs to be removed.

Both are here to help you not to hinder you.

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If you’re experiencing challenging days, what may be happening to you at this moment, or lately, is not to challenge you at all. On the other hand, moons energy is here to help shed light to the darker areas of your life.

This full moon, aptly named Harvest Moon for the ability to cast light for the farmers to harvest their crops easily yields energy for you to harvest your growth. Your treasures and life experiences.

Combined with the timing of Mercury Retrograde all of it is designed timing to make you look at what is and is not working for you any longer.

Designed timing applied to get you to harvest what growth there is, or has been.  And leave what needs to remain as compost growing into nourishment to nurture your soul. Slowly allowing you to grow more fully in the future.

It’s all energy here now for you to grow more deeply into the human being you were born or meant to be.

To harness the Harvest Moon’s energy along with what Mercury Retrograde has to offer, take some time to write down your feelings. Examine what your life has been like up to now. Visualize what your life would be like if you looked at it as a growing crop. How tall would it be? Meaning- how much have you grown intellectually, lovingly, and spiritually?

Notice those areas in the fields that have for some reason not grown as well. Meaning- what has stayed the same in your life? What has not transpired that you wished could or would have.

Now, ask yourself what is your intent? Meaning- what of what has not transpired do you still want to grow? What do you think you can still make grow for future use?

Look at what has grown to fruition. Look at what could be even better.

Look at what is outdated or no longer pertains in your life any longer? Or what may possibly need to be plowed under? Are there any projects that will no longer work that you have not completed? Is there a relationship with some one that has been in your circle that is no longer supplying what is needed for the two of you to sustain and grow? Write down everything for the minds eye to see and grasp more fully.

All of what you are writing down needs to be harvested. Digested for what it is now and what it will be next. Harvested. Cut and chopped into many smaller pieces. So as to make it easier to handle. Just like the corn crop. Specific areas are meant to supply specific needs. First the ears of corn are gathered. Used to make new crops for next year or to feed different animals. Once this is done the next thing is the corn stalks are chopped down at ground level. Then processed into smaller bite size pieces in order to feed the animals. This is a metaphor of course to simulate your life. It’s designed to get you to look at what needs to be where and why and at what time.

Allow yourself to let go, on paper and then in your heart. Meaning- take each concept you’ve written about individually. Look at each one to examine what is working for you. And what you want to take to the next level now that there is light showing where things can be seen more easily. Examine where letting go is needed of what no longer works for you. What hurt(s) you? What is not working for you. Let all of what does not work for you return to the earth to fuel growth for the future.

Instead, concentrate on what is still growing. What you feel needs to be looked at again. Work that. Begin to give those concepts your attention shedding light and allowing growth to begin again. Till the soil and water it. Meaning- give it your individual attention, working, researching, writing, and implementing all aspects that will make that project(s) work this time around. This can be in all areas of your life. It is not necessarily just a project for work or business. This can be a relationship issue with yourself or others. All aspects need to be uncovered now that there is light being shown to the darkness.

Full moon’s energy helps manifest. Creating what you want.

Harvest Moon helps you move on by digging up everything that’s no longer needed.

Mercury Retrograde makes you look to the past, propelling you toward everything that is not finished as of yet that needs to be.

The light of the moon brings everything to completion. Without time constraints. All comes to light when it is the appropriate time.

All of the energies of the moon, the eclipse, and retrograde happening right now, are forcing you whether you’re ready or not, to move you into a healthier thinking, feeling, and acting way of life.

You can read more about surviving Mercury Retrograde here:

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