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Mercury Retrograde starts its lovely backwards dance today. But, before you get discouraged, remember the energy is here for our own good.

What does Mercury retrograde teach??  First off….. to S.L.O.W D.O.W.N! Next, not to be afraid to look at and resolve what has come between us and the life we truly want. 

The mere thought of Mercury going retrograde can send shivers down a person’s spine sending you into a tailspin for the next 25 days going direct again on March 28th.

But wait, there’s more!!

It’s already been doing its mischief for the last 14 days starting with the pre game antics on February 19th. And then, we get to look forward to the post game wrap up for 19 days finally ending all the chaos on March 19th.

The mere whisper of “Mercury Retrograde” can create technical glitches in any tech device from phones, computers, printers, to the computers on your vehicles, furnaces, even washing machines. Nothing tech related is off limits.

Documents go missing.

Travel plans get screwed up.

Messages are missed or interpreted incorrectly. If there were ever a time to talk face to face, Mercury is it.

There’s the frustration and crankiness which can ensue expanding to outright resentment intensifying into plain ol’ ANGER. So avoid people and their opinions that make you nuts on a regular day. Your mind and body will thank you later. 

Put a lock on the fridge and kitchen pantry…….Cravings intensify!

Nothing is off limits. Even your pets feel this energy. So cut them some slack if they seem depressed or cranky.

Before you get discouraged and slip into Mercury Retrograde abyss take a look at this…..

During retrograde periods everything unresolved will surface.

Your negative patterns will become more apparent to you.

Your blocks reveal themselves.

Past life issues come to the forefront.

Your limiting beliefs emerge from their shadow hangouts.

And as it turns out, this is not as bad as it may seem.

Mercury Retrograde delivers us an awaking to the shadows that live within us.

That’s a good thing! You can’t heal from anything physical or emotional without the examination of why we got there in the first place.

The energy makes us revisit all the dark unknown and known parts that keep you from failing, at arms length from living the life you want.

Lovingly you break down your walls/blocks and finally live as the soul intended before all the trauma you’ve suffered took hold of you.

This time can be an immense healing and growth period in your life!!

A time to-

Release your past. Not just parts of it, but ALL of it. And in return you-

Reclaim your power.

Recharge your spirit.

Re-examine what’s most important in your life.

Re-activate your abundance. Not just money, but also heal (or at least make a big dent in) those health issues that continue to plagued you.

Re-claim your life. The one before all the trauma and suspected “cursed” actions took a hold of you.

Take this time to visit all the “re” activities – Why not, you’ll have plenty of time. Mercury isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Remember all the not so good feelings and events that took place in your life. Get them out of your cellular memories by writing them down on paper. 

Review who you’ve become. Ask the hard questions-

Do I like myself?

Do I like the way I look?

Do I like the way I love?

Do I like the way I’m loved?

Do I like what I do for a living?

Do I like the people I allow around me?

Do I like where I live?

Do I like________________add what you feel needs to be addressed.

Let yourself revisit every facet of your life.

Reminisce, rethink and regress into the good, and especially the bad. Write it all down.

Revise your life.

Rewrite your story.

Redo your wardrobe, your home, even your yard.

Resolve what’s not working for you by letting it go. Lovingly though. When you need to let go of people; say to yourself…… “I love you. You’re a wonderful person, but this agreement between us is no longer working for me. I effortlessly and painlessly let you go so I can create a better life for me. Which means you create a better life for you.”

Say the same thing for all the material things you need to let go of.  Statuary, tchotchkes, pictures, pillows, mirrors, hanging art, rugs, bedding. Whatever it is, you’ll feel it. Freely give/donate or recycle what is no longer relevant to you and your life.

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When you take the time to work on the Re’s….you don’t have to pull your hair out. 

Your life will change. It will be different.

For the better of course.

So why not give it a go.

What do you have to lose? All the bad stuff??

That’s not so bad, is it??

Repeat everything that brings you pleasure, over and over and over again.

Many blessings,

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