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Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is raw enzymes and beneficial bacteria at its finest. As long as it’s raw unfiltered and unpasteurized.

Both Enzymes and good bacteria help to break down foods in the stomach easing digestion complications. As we age, we make less of our own stomach acid forming a need for enzymes and beneficial bacteria to come from places other than our own regulation.

ACV is a known option for maintaining an optimal ph balance. Acid foods which we eat in excess following the Standard American Diet (SAD) destroy the bodies healthy ph. In order for the stomach to do its job appropriately, a proper ph balance is necessary. Apple cider vinegar goes into the body as an acid, but is actually alkaline naturally. And since it helps to alkalize the body it’s no surprise ACV has been said to destroy cancer cells. Cancer cells of any kind will not survive in an alkalized body.

ACV relieves acid re-flux associated from the lack of stomach producing acids, and overeating, along with consuming the wrong foods taking the wrong or unnecessary supplements and medications. All affect the acid production in the body.

ACV helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels which is essential for type two diabetics and overweight individuals to maintain.

ACV lowers cholesterol so you can maintain a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.

Apple cider vinegar helps with overall liver function. It helps detoxify the liver and maintain healthy conversion of toxins. It also helps detoxify the lymphatic system which is the body’s overall garbage disposal system. The lymph system does not have a pump like the heart to help move product through. You need to move the body through exercise or incorporate ingredients like ACV to help with the transportation of unwanted material.

If you have midsection belly fat, apple cider vinegar may help to break that down along with helping to control hunger pains. Scientific research shows how apple cider vinegar can help curb cravings by reducing bacteria and other foreign bodies that help create cravings in the first place. This can help keep you appetite under control which will help to reduce excess weight.

ACV contains approximately 5-20% acetic acid in water. Acetic acid shows to prevent and stop bad bacteria from spreading in your system. It can be used as a cleaning agent on fresh vegetables and leafy greens keeping harmful bacteria’s like e-Coli from harming you. Keep a spray bottle of ACV handy in your kitchen to spray fresh produce then rinsed with cold water as you prepare the food.ACV or plain white vinegar along with 3% topical solution hydrogen peroxide is an essential set of cleansers for cleaning cutting boards to keep them free of bacteria build up. Place both ingredients in separate spray bottles. First spray with 3% topical solution hydrogen peroxide covering the whole board. Let that sit for several minutes. Then spray ACV or white vinegar on to the board. Let both sit together for several minutes. Finally, rinse clean. Wash with soap and water for a bacterial free safe cutting board.

Who is Apple Cider Vinegar for?

Anyone wanting to maintain a healthy gut. Leaky Gut has been proven to be the number one link in creating autoimmune disease of which there is no known cure. So far, there are 140 known autoimmune diseases.

Apple Cider Vinegar is clearly among the most healthy things you can drink daily to support your body.

Of course, the right diet and exercise are still the most important factors in your health. Along with staying away from sugar and processed foods. Starting a regime of ACV in the morning can help repair stomach function to keep you healthy.

While ACV is proven to help and repair many bodily functions, perhaps too many to name here, Apple cider vinegar will slow the aging process and make you feel younger as it works to slow and prevent free radicals from doing harm preventing oxidative stress and damage from destroying important tissues and cell membranes. All of this is done by keeping the body in an alkaline ph balanced state.

ACV could be termed one of God’s wonders.

A miracle remedy may be an understatement if used in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

One problem may be its taste.

Many complain it’s too harsh from the acidic flavor.

I created (with a link below to download) a wonderful tasting tea to help you get the beneficial ACV along with alkalizing lemon and mineral rich salt for hydrating the body properly.

Let me know how you like the recipe and if you find it has helped you in what way.  Oh and, tell us the ways you yourself have used apple cider vinegar. Something this good should never be kept secret.

Recipe- Healthy Alkalizing Healing AVC Tea

Many blessings,

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