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Last night while having a conversation with Handyman, my husband, I found myself thinking about what I hadn’t accomplished over the last few years. Honestly, what I haven’t accomplished in the last eight years or more.

I was two steps into panic mode beginning to feel as if I’ve failed yet again by, not responding to divine guidance when my internal guidance beacon kicked in. You know that intuitive aspect of yourself when the subconscious part of your mind speaks to you.

Loudly, seeing BIG WORDS, and sensing silent thoughts I received ~~IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!! ~~FOR ANYTHING!~~ EVER!

Do you recall the saying….Has your ship sailed?

Which only means; you seemed to have lost the chance to take advantage of the timed element of something you wanted to create or have something taken place.

When you don’t take advantage of an opportunity that you might see more clearly after the fact it can feel nothing short of defeating. At that moment, when you did not respond to your ship (whatever was coming to put forth effort into creating) you may feel your boat will never sail again..

If you’re feeling defeated because you did not attempt what you were feeling your soul, God, and the Angels were trying to make you aware of don’t be. They will simply say…” oh well, she’s not ready yet so we’ll park her ship and periodically remind her it’s never too late to get moving towards what she’s turned down.”

So, today in order to get myself moving on all the endless things I’ve turned away I’m writing down goals. And, for sure I’ll include all past endeavors that I haven’t brought to fruition as of yet.

Goals are an integral part of our success. By writing down what you’d like to accomplish whether for the day or for the year it does one thing…. makes you concentrate a bit more on what you’d like to create.

Written goals are definitely important that’s for sure.

One of the reasons I’m probably so bent on thinking about this now is because we were currently in Mercury retrograde. Retrograde forces you to look at your history.

Mercury retrograde is the progress of where other planets appear to be traveling backward which is an illusion. It’s called retrograde motion.

While Mercury is in retrograde, it can cause a lot of things to go wacky. And there are several retrogrades scheduled throughout the year.

This year alone we just came out of one which began on January 21st and ended February 11.  And two more are scheduled to take place on:

May 19 – June 11

September 17 – October 9

Many people cringe at the concept of Mercury retrograde, but it’s NOT ALL BAD!

It’s an excellent time to reflect on the past. Intuition is high during these periods, and coincidences can be extraordinary.

Though a symptom of retrograde, you don’t have to become a babbling idiot, not being able to communicate your thoughts. Instead, you can focus on what you do want creating the law of attraction to work for you.

The Law of attraction is the manner in which you create what you’d like. If you look at the positives of what you’re creating and also the emotional attachment of believing something can happen even when it has not thus far.

And then, it’s Chinese New Year! 🙂  Let’s add more excitement to creating!! Unlike our new year celebration lasting one day, Chinese new year is almost a month-long celebration. 🙂

You know how we get when our new year comes around. Aspirations run feverishly high around this time. Goals are set in stone one after another and then with time they begin to wane.

It seems this year energetic motion is piggybacking each concept keeping us in a focusing mode.

Our new year has come and gone and along with it most of the ambition to completing a set goal. And then Mercury retrograde came and went. Although forcing us to look back at concepts we maybe shouldn’t have let go so easily. And now the Chinese new year is upon us making us look at cleaning out old outdated thoughts. Since the new year is also the first day of spring, it’s an energetic force making us clean. Clean out the old making room to plant new ideas. And it’s forcing us to reconcile with past options.

Whichever way you look at it….anything that you thought you should have taken advantage of and yet did not is not lost.

Since it’s technically spring you may want to get get planting but not until you clean up the mess that’s been left from the season before. A metaphor, of course, to clean up your surroundings making a good working space in which to create. 🙂

You can read more about how the metaphor of a Chinese new year can impact your life with my blog post Do You Have A Stagnant Growth Pattern Going ON?? 

As is the case with our new year….I am lifting my glass to make a toast that all of our ships that seem to have sailed fading into obscureness be resurrected. 🙂

Happy new year everyone!


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