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It’s a New Year!

My wish for you is that yours starts very well expanding all year through!

Mine- No new resolutions here.

Me, I just want to do better this coming year.

Small steps bring lasting change.

Eventually a few goals but nothing big.

Like reducing the stress in my life.

Stress is the number one killer in the US. It’s behind every disease from heart to cancer.

2016 was a doozy for a lot of people, including myself.

For some of you it was a fabulous year. But for most, it was a challenge to say the least.

As it was, a 9 year, a completion year, it held up to its commitment. To get us to see what’s wrong, and where we should head in the future. We had one year to finish everything that no longer worked, no matter what that was. Job, relationships (family, friends, spouses, children, ourselves), money. All of it. Most of us went through kicking and screaming. Oh, maybe that was just me. 🙂

My saving grace- “I do good until I don’t”  And then- “I resume.

If you fail, just resume where you left off.

You want to lose weight so you’re watching your P’s and Q’s eating the right foods until……you go to a party. Then you eat everything in sight.

Just resume the next day!

You finally got on that treadmill, and then two weeks go by because you got busy and distracted. Just resume!

Don’t punish yourself, just go back to doing good again.

Each time you mess up, go back to your plan.

Simple, right?? Not always.

Impossible?? No, Never.

Just resume.

Tell yourself you’re human and go back to where you left off.

Goal setting….It seems so daunting doesn’t it?

That’s because it is.

Here’s the scenario- #1 goal, “make more money.” So you set your goal at $100,000.00. And yet, you’ve thus far only been able to make $30,000.00 a year. Each year you fail to make a $100 grand. Every year you set the goal again feeling like this will be the year.

What you don’t take into account is you’ve placed an energetic ceiling cap on yourself before you were born. This is why I offer special Akashic record readings in January. Akashic records are where you find all your hidden agendas, all the things you said you’d carry out but can’t remember now that you’re human.

You might actually be person where money doesn’t matter.

Maybe a good home life is even more important.

You keep thinking you’re in business or have a good career so you should be capable, right?? You see people talking about making $100,000.00 showing you how they did it. And each year you fail to make more. At times making less because you’re so focused on it, you actually sabotage yourself to prove a point.

If you want to make more, you need to raise your ceiling before a goal can help you.

Instead of making a goal to purchase a $15,000.00 computer program which will help your business run more efficiently, first find your money making ceiling.

Otherwise like in years past, you get to the end thinking you’ve failed when all along it was not because you’re incapable, you just have a ceiling in place preventing you from making that extra 15 grand.

To find your ceiling add what you’ve made the last seven years and then divide by seven. Or if you’re like me, look at your taxes for the last seven years. Is each year similar? Then that’s your cap.

Goals are great! Especially when they’re on paper out of your head.

But this year challenge yourself to step up a bit. It’s the little things that count.

Ask a few important questions first.

1. Who do you want to be?

You might weigh 300 pounds with a goal of losing 150.

  • Can you realistically see yourself at 150 pounds?
  • Can you see yourself wearing different clothing?
  • Do you know how you will act?
  • Do you know what other people will think about you?
  • Will you care?

Statics show most people that lose a lot of weight gain it back because the people around them don’t want you to change. So you gain weight going back to what you were used to and sometimes even more.

You might want to make that 100 thou.

  • Can you realistically see yourself already there?
  • If you can, do you know how you would act?
  • What will you do?
  • How you will live?
  • What you’d feel like??

Research shows the people who’ve won the lottery are broke within two years because they don’t know how to be wealthy. They don’t know how to keep money. They only know how to be broke or just getting by.

You want a new job.

  • Can you see yourself getting one even when you don’t know what you’ll actually be doing?
  • Can you see yourself in a new job already?
  • Can you see yourself having fun?
  • Can you picture what your life will be like when you’re into that new job for two years?
  • Can you see how it has changed you?
  • Can you see how it’s changed your life?
  • Can you see how it’s changed those around you?

Scientific evidence states people will keep themselves right where they are so as not to be above or offend other people. If you come from a meager background can you see yourself with more than those you love? Can you bring yourself to live better than they do?

2. What can you say NO to?

Can you say no to something you know is harming you?

    • Do you need to say NO to foods you know harm you like being a diabetic and yet you still eat sugary starchy foods.
    • Do you need to say NO to the job you hate? You go even when you know you can’t stand it or maybe it even hurts you to be there like having a bad back or bad knees and you’re standing all day.
    • Do you need to say NO to a relationship that does not work for you. Can you say NO to the person that is constantly negative dragging you down, or one that says they love you and yet disrespects you repeatedly. Can you walk away for good?

The big question is not whether your goals are good. I’m sure they are.

It’s whether you Will allow yourself to get to the goals you set?

Where are your ceilings placed?

If you look, you can see each and everyone very clearly just by how your life has been up till now.

Tackle those ceilings, then put your goals in place.

Happy New Year!!

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