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Mercury Retrograde….isn’t this the time when everything goes wrong??

Does Mercury Retrograde deserve a bad wrap image?

Is it the big bad bully destroying energy it’s been made out to be?

Without the awareness of the planetary rhythms living through Mercury Retrograde can feel like a disaster.

Everything in life is cyclical. Even the planets rotating the universe.

What is retrograde any way??

ret·ro·grade  [retruh]  adjective
1. moving backward; having a backward motion or direction; retiring or retreating.
2. inverse or reversed, as order.
3.  Astronomy 
4. Moving in an orbit in the direction opposite to that of the earth in its revolution around the sun.
     Appearing to move on the celestial sphere in the direction opposite to the natural order of the signs of the zodiac, or from east to west.

Mercury may look like it’s spinning backwards, but it’s really not. The energy of the seemed backwards spin makes us feel like something is off. Much like passing a car going up hill. When you’re coming up on the vehicle it looks like you’re both moving forward. But when you pass it and look back, the car looks like it’s moving backwards. 

Mercury is the closet planet to the sun. The closer to the sun the faster a planet moves. Mercury races through space at 33 miles per second. Earth is the third closets spinning at 18 miles per second. Making Mercury a super fast planet! Which is precisely why it affects us so much more than when the other planets are in retrograde. All planets go into retrograde. We just don’t notice them as much, because Mercury has the strongest influence over us energetically..

Mercury’s orbit around the sun takes 88 days. So we experience Mercury retrograde every 88 days. Lasting about three or fours weeks.

If you don’t know whats going on it can feel like total chaos. You can actually experience some really terrible times feeling as if you’re loosing your mind. And yet, with a little awareness you can have a peaceful prosperous enjoyable experience.

Mercury rules communication, clear thinking, truth and travel.  Screwing with those things tends to get our attention and gets you a bit messed up energetically and physically. But that’s not all of what it does.

It  is instrumental in making us visit the “re’s.” Like visiting past issues. Any and all past issues we left in the past to bury, hide, avoid, or just plain give up on.

You can feel as if you can’t get the correct word out of your mouth even if you are visually seeing the words in your head.  Your ability to think straight seems to have vanished into thin air. Your mind, can at any time, just go blank!

Every machine around you, including your vehicle, can and most likely will, malfunction seemly just to piss you off since these things seem to happen at the most inopportune times.

Typically Mercury goes Retrograde at least 3 times a year.

The dates for 2018 through 2019 are :


March 23 to April 15
July 26 to August 19
November 17 to December 6


March 5 – 28
July 7 – 31
October 31 to November 20

Depending upon your sensitivity you can actually start feeling the effects of retrograde a few days or weeks before and at least a week after it’s goes regular again.

Avoid traveling on long journeys at is a time.

Avoid backing up your technology. Do this before we go into retrograde.

Avoid confrontations. Even if you say all the right things, the person you are talking with may still take everything all wrong.

Avoid signing contracts or document. If you have to, go back later to revise.

Not only is this an energy and astrological thing, it’s also a mythology thing.

Mercury is named after the God Hermes also know as “the winged messenger.”Through the Egyptians, he was assumed to be Thor known as the “god of knowledge.” Also known as Enoch, and Metatron “the Archangel who governs transformation.” All of these gods are here helping us with messages, knowledge, and transformations.

Astrologically Mercury is associated with our thoughts and how we perceive the world. It’s in charge of all forms of communication in any way we share it including writing, speaking, websites, email, newspaper, anything having to do with learning or sharing information.  Mercury also governs all forms of movement including planes, trains, automobiles and boats.

When Mercury is moving direct, we’re often moving forward so fast we seldom slow down enough to reconnect to ones self. In racing ahead all the time, you may have left behind bits and pieces of information that might have been overlooked which are needed as the person you are now. This is why all these gods have been placed at the helm of Mercury. The winged messenger flies us back to the past to pick up needed messages we weren’t privy to in the energy level at that time. Or to gain knowledge on what works for us now, or how we can heal from what we hid back then. Enoch, Metatron is there to transform us into further knowledgeable energy beings, first ridding the past baggage we shelved thinking we’d never look at it again cuz it was confusing or hurt to much. Many times as the body suffers such traumas, it’s much easier to place them in compartments within our minds never to be touched again. However, it’s Mercury Retrograde that sends us back to re- visit and re-minisce. So if you feel like crying……go for it… you are just needing to re-think and feel through something is all.

Mercury Retrograde is a real gift from the universe to get you to slow down, harmonize, heal and re-pair.

One of the things that tends to get our attention the most is when anything mechanical breaks down. It may seem like everything mechanical is breaking, but it’s not. Only those things that were not working properly in the first place. Especially in cases where a vehicle needed your attention before but you put off making repairs for whatever reason.

This might be a good time for Apple to look at how they build computers these days. Seems they left quality behind when Steve Jobs died. And now, my less than a year old computer is having problems. Even though this pisses me off, it does not surprise me.

Neither does my constant day dreaming of yesteryear. I am constantly going back to things I should have dealt with years ago. It was just too easy to place them neatly away in my mind never to suffer another pang of heartbreak. Until…….you guessed it.. when retrograde is upon us. UGHH!

You may find yourself pulling away from everything leaving you with a feeling of wanting to hibernate, or feeling very lonely and vulnerable.

Everything is affected, even animals.  So, if they tend to act a little wonky have patience and cut them a little slack. The cows a few miles over have been bellowing like crazy right now, when normally they are very quiet.

It’s a fact- if you need to revisit something from your past, Mercury Retrograde can leave you feeling totally out of control. Almost as if you’ve gone mad.

When this happens- 

  • Give yourself a little lovin.
  • Sit with what feelings are showing up.
  • Look deep into them, don’t avoid them.
  • Find the re-solve.
  • Find the way to forgive yourself and any other person involved. The mantra saying- I love you and forgive you as I love and forgive myself comes in real handy now. 
  • Even if retrograde leaves you feeling like a babbling idiot try not to take yourself to personal.

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Retrograde is NOT ALL THAT BAD.  

It gets you moving. 

Instead of feeling as if you’ve lost your deep sense of well-being and everything is out of control, you can actually use this energy to your advantage.

It provides us with a chance to look back, so do it!  Re-gress. Go back on purpose to look for old energy that no longer pertains that needs to be cut and released. The more you cut the more your deep sense of well-being re-appears.

Losing that deep sense of well-being makes you take everything way to personal. It’s all okay. Take everything with a casual attitude. Everyone’s a bit confused right now, not just you.

Finish projects! Here’s another opportunity, another reason the universe works in our favor. It’s a perfect time to take another stab at unfinished business. If you do, it’s likely everything works out better than it would have then.

Instead of feeling out of control, or your lost to the universe, you can actually use this energy to your advantage implementing easy techniques.

1. Stop talking….instead, get quiet and meditate.  It does the body good. 🙂 It’s a big benefit!!

2. Meditate using the Kundalini mantra SA TA NA MA.  This mantra helps end what is no longer needed, cleans out the middle, all the sorta details you couldn’t do on your own, and then begins anew helping you move forward.  Just breathe deep and continue to say the words over and over as many times as you want reflecting on what feels needed or what you intentionally want to work through.

3. Let yourself reminisce. Ask for Archangel Michael to help you go back to the old days to clean out old crap you have stored in your body. Ask him to cut any energetic cords that may be attached to you.  Have him cut, clear cleanse and then release them.  Then seal yourself with God’s love and white light.  This brings back a safe sense of well-being. Now you’re making more room for new concepts to come in. The more clearing you do the more room you open up for the future, today. 🙂

4. GET busy on some of those old unfinished projects you have laying around.  It’s okay….you really have an opening here to complete them.

5. Just walk away from any type of equipment that seems to be malfunctioning. It will start to function properly in a few days or you won’t need it right now.  Maybe you’re supposed to walk to work…Just kidding…but maybe you are. 🙂 Or now you have the money this time to actually buy the parts needed to repair something acting up. Or the funds to go buy something new. If something is not working it’s telling you it’s time to be replaced.

6. Activity does the body good.  Especially now while we’re in retrograde.  The more grounded you are the better you’ll fare so go for LONG walks, a bicycle ride, or a jog. Say the SA TA NA MA mantra while you work or walk around.  You get the same results.  Although, your body would appreciate it if you’d just sit or lay down to let it rest.

7. Take a bath using Dead Sea Salt or Baking soda and Epsom salts and/or shower. This allows all that energy to be washed away instead of staying on you.  

8. Smile! Have a good time even if you feel as if you’re going bat shit crazy! There’s nothing wrong with forgetting where you left your mind. It has to come back, it’s attached. LOL

Take this time to visit all the “re” activities – remember, review, revisit, rewrite, redo reminisce, repeat, rethink, revise,  regress, resolve.

Re-member, this energy only last for a short period of time. Be grateful it’s not a constant thing. Be grateful it’s here to teach and lead you to something even greater!

Many messages come with Mercury Retrograde. Some realities of harshness and some reassuring. At any rate, retrograde teaches nothing is left in the past that hasn’t been dealt with.

Many blessings!

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