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Glory Hallelujah 2017 is finally here!

So glad 2016 is out of here!      

And now——stick with me here——it’s a year from now…..January 2, 2018.

What do you think you will look like?

Are you still overweight?

Do you still have health issues?

I’m asking you to envision what your life looks like a year from now?

Is your health better than ever before?

Is your body the way you want it to be?

Is your weight down, and under control?

How will you feel when you see a friend that hasn’t seen you for a few years?

Will you be apprehensive about the way you look? Or will an illness keep you from even seeing them.

Fast forward again.

How well do you love who you are, what you do, and what you look like?

What is your confidence level since you’ve accomplished all your goals?

What are your emotions if you didn’t take the action to get to your goals?

How will you feel if you failed to do what you’ve wanted to accomplish this year? Will it be more of what has happened the last five or 10 years?

How will you feel if you’ve given up on yourself one more year?

How will you feel if you’re still overweight? Or still dealing with an illness that’s plagued you for years?

How will it feel to realize, you’re the one that’s kept you in the spot you’re in?

What didn’t you do?

Are you still drinking pop, consuming sugar foods, overeating, and eating the wrong foods?

Is your body healed? Did you finally overcome your belief an illness you owned, (you know you’ve claimed it as yours when you call it “your” allergies, IBS, chronic inflammation) could be healed even when someone told you the disease you have would be there forever, or possible eventually kill you.

What didn’t you accomplish letting yourself down once again, because you continued to listen to your old story?

Ask yourself what are some of the challenges you face?

Are you prepared to stare down your demons and finally control them this year?

What will you do if your goal is to lose weight?

Write down what it will take.

Less quantity, no sugar, better choices, more exercise.

What will you do to feel better?

Write down what it will take.

Eating organic, eliminating internal and external toxins, sticking to a protocol that concentrates on the cause rather than symptoms.

Will you finally allow yourself what you need in order to conquer those demons, that up till now, you haven’t been able to defeat?

Are you prepared to say NO?

What will you do if you want to lose weight but you’re at a friends house and she puts your favorite pop and pie in front of you.

Are you prepared to walk away?

Will you be prepared to push the food back saying “no thank you, I’m not eating like that any longer.”

Are you prepared for any of the scenarios that might happen that could prevent you from accomplishing your goals this year?

What are some action steps you can take right now?

If your goal is to lose weight, are you prepared for what it takes to stop bad behaviors?

Are you prepared to change your eating habits? Even when those around you are still eating like you did?

Are you prepared to get up every morning to make a good meal instead of running out the door without eating at all?

Are you prepared to make food ahead to prevent yourself from eating bad foods on the run?

Can you see yourself living what you want to accomplish? 

A lot of the time most people can’t lose weight or get healthy because they can’t see themselves that way. They can’t remember what it feels like to be well or thin.

Can you envision yourself 20, 30, or even 150 pounds less by the end of the year?

What’s your deadline to take action?

Are you prepared to start today, tomorrow, or next week?

What do you need to say NO to?

Pop? Sugar? inactivity? Negative people?

There’s no better champion than you!  SELL YOURSELF DAILY! 

When you begin to feel defeated, (it’s if, but when), do you have the affirmations, know the right foods, or have the right people in place to keep you on track?

2017 CAN be your best year ever! Especially if you can see yourself already there.

No more feeling sorry for yourself.

We are all dealing with some sort of abnormality. There is nothing perfect about us humans.

Your story is NO more dramatic than the next persons. It’s just different is all.

Now is your chance to be who you envision yourself to be!! 2017 is a 1 year. 2+0+1+7= 10 1+0=1

1 years are all about new beginnings and fresh starts. It ignites ideas, inspires growth, and sparks lightning fast manifestation.

In order to manifest properly, you have to be honest and believe possibilities.

Are you prepared to live the life you see happening as you look forward??

I believe change can happen easily. We don’t need to hold back thinking it’s going to take some time to implement changes.

Quantum leaps can happen if we allow them to.

Manifesting starts with the belief in the possibility.

Then it expands when you feel yourself already at the end as an accomplished participant.

And then becomes totally real when your thoughts and imagination line up exactly without the feeling of hesitation or thought of limitations.

Are you prepared?

What are your action steps?

What does your life look like when you look ahead a year from now with accomplished goals?

Happy New Year!!

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