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It’s springtime!!

Personal growth has been planted making it’s way up through the vibrational levels helping you become a new person!

This is what springtime does for the human body. Even though you don’t realize it, you planted seeds to grow personally in your life.

All those challenging times you’re living through can be easily swept up and cleaned away, giving you a new outlook on life to point you in a new direction literally, by physically cleaning your home. No kidding!!

Energy is hard to see, but you sure can feel.

When there’s a mess building where you live and work the energies work against you robbing you of your strength and creativity. And…. if things are really bad- your sanity and health!!.

Energy is a very under rated aspect in our lives.

Most people don’t pay much attention to it.

We can’t see the energy happening even when it’s right in front of us. But you do feel it.

Ever have those days when you come home from work totally exhausted not understanding why you feel this way??

Energy forces are at work to help us, or to work against us.

There’s good energy making you feel wonderful. And bad energy making you feel miserable.

Wouldn’t you like the energies to work for you??

When you enter a room where the energy is not happy you begin to feel miserable for no apparent reason. You can feel tired, crabby, angry, or frustrated and may even become sick. Behind the physical scene, there’s an energetic motion taking place zapping you of more than you realize.

Take for instance, my office. For months I’ve haven’t had any ambition or energy to do much of anything while I work in there. But all you have to do is look at the mess going on!!

We’re in the middle of a renovation project around here so there’s not much cleaning getting done.  The window is being replaced. The new trim work is not attached yet, it’s just laying along side the walls. The door handle is on, but not fixed permanently to the new door so it bangs and clangs as you use it. The closet doors are in the garage getting painted so I see (and FEEL) the mess I have in the area where EVERYTHING is stored. And now, there’s papers spilling out laying everywhere in all directions!! To make matters worse…..when you work with feng shui (the concept of placement to affect good energy) like I do, my desk is pointed in the wrong direction. It should be facing South East this year in order to bring in the good CHI (energy). Right now, it’s pointing North East causing an energy drain. And I’m feeling the misalignment of energy working in this mess.

So I’M GOING IN!! Wish me luck….I may not be out for a lonnnnnnggggg time. 🙂

I’ll be cleaning the whole house, not just my office!

I’m cleaning out the clutter!!

I’ll be throwing and giving away everything I don’t care to keep. Energy (good and bad) takes up residency in everything. Especially things you don’t care to have around any longer. It’s always a good idea to donate what you no longer need or want to minimize the energy drain. 

All I’ll be using to clean the dirt are my NORWEX ENVIRO and WINDOW CLOTHS (Don’t forget the windows. They need cleaning too…After all, you need to see the new path you’re headed for in order to stay on your journey.) So don’t forget- clean those windows too.

My daughter turned me onto these gems.

She loved this company so much she became a representative. And now I love them too. If you’d like more information or want your own personal representative check out her Facebook page at,

But even before I clean my office I need to do something with all these papers laying around.

In the living room with that challenge. 🙂

My clean office will be unveiled in a few days. 🙂 Realistically more like a few weeks.

For now, if you want, get in on my FREE GIVE AWAY.

I’m giving away these cloths!

Who doesn’t like winning stuff??

I’d love for you to experience cleaning a healthier way eliminating toxic chemical usage in your house and work place too.:) 

Sign up using the contact form below, after you’ve registered for my email newsletters located at the bottom of the home page, or signed up to receive these blogs on the bottom left side of any blog page, or like us on Facebook at- 

The drawing will be held Sunday April 9th.

Good Luck!! 

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