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There’s a pattern happening. A lot of clients are asking why they are NOT getting what they want. So I decided to explain a few concepts in case you may be going through the same thing.

The law of attraction works very well. For the good or wrong it works.

It works when you give it fuel (thought and emotional attachment) giving you what you want.

If you question when something is going to happen you won’t get what you want. The reason is you don’t TRUST that it will.

I know it’s hard to keep faith that you’ll get a new job when there is nothing showing up for you.

I realize it’s hard to believe you can have a relationship with a man if you don’t have anyone calling asking you out.

It’s extremely frustrating to focus on having money when your bank account shows only a few dollars.

Believe me, I’ve been there.

I went through a divorce. Three short years later I met my new husband. I didn’t have anyone calling asking me out. I went out and met him at a social function.

I’ve had times where I didn’t know how I was going to pay the house payment, but I did every time. Some payments might have been late, but the money was there even when it looked like it wouldn’t be.

There were times I wanted to quit my job even though nothing seemed available. At one point, I wanted to leave a sales job that I had. Not knowing what I should do a friend asked if I would come help her work at her sister’s landscape nursery. They needed help through spring planting. I took advantage of this short-term opportunity that turned into a full-time job. After five years, I turned that chance happening into a career and went on to create my landscape company.

The way the law of attraction works is to LOVE THE LIFE YOU HAVE right now. Enjoy where you are in your life.

Time and chance come together for everyone.

If you believe you can have what you want opportunity meets you half way helping to fulfill your dreams. I could have told my friend I couldn’t help her since I already had a full-time job. I could have turned her down having no idea how to do landscape work.

The higher powers that be, God, or the universe, whichever way you’d like to think of it conspire through already pre-arranged times where you are blessed. You may not see a lot of good breaks right now, but be encouraged. Favor works to your advantage when least expected. There are moments planned out for you because you’ve given the universe a roadmap to follow like I did just by wanting to leave my job.

Don’t miss these moments given to you because you feel nothing is happening.

Don’t create doubt that casts a shadow keeping you from having fun while you’re waiting.

Don’t get distracted by your circumstances. Focus on removing the cluttered thoughts from your mind so you can hear, and notice what you need in order to bring about what you want.

Approach today with an attitude of faith and expectancy so you can embrace the moments in front of you!

Turn the fear of not having something or the feeling of running out of time into “the right time will come.” Everything you want will come when you let go of needing something now.

Ask yourself “what is GOOD about your life.”

There is no better feeling than to be grateful for something. What are you grateful for?

I know this can be a challenge especially when life starts to fall apart.

I was once asked how you can love your life when you’ve been the victim of a beating.

I understand all to well there are challenges that come to us in our lives. My family life was very dysfunctional.

But just like the movie Unbroken, Louie never lost faith that he would make it. Well, yes he did….he did question his ability to endure. We all do. I did too.

The key factor to get through any challenge is to have faith that you will triumph. To have the belief of a higher power that is there helping you. When you completely believe, you change the dynamic of what’s happening. The law of attraction begins to work. Attracting what you want rather than giving you more of what is happening.

Make a list of the good things in your life. Even in tragedy there is good happening. You just need to look a little deeper.

Often there were times when I felt trapped and powerless living in my dysfunctional failing marriage. I thought I’d never be happy. But I was very grateful that I had my daughter. I was grateful that I had a job. I was grateful I wasn’t homeless. In order to love my life back then, I had to look at what was good rather than what felt so terrible.

Concentrate on what you have rather than on what you don’t.

If you look only at what is wrong, there can only be more of that coming to you. If you want to lose weight but you keep feeling bad about the way you look you will not lose weight. On the contrary, you’ll pack on more pounds. The law of attraction at it’s finest. It may be wrong, but it’s working nonetheless.

Instead, write what you want. But……with the catch that makes the law of attraction work…..LOVE THE LIFE YOU HAVE right now no matter what. There is no compromise on this.

If you can’t love the way you look you might need to purchase clothing that makes you feel better and can enhance the shape you have right now. That way you are now concentrating on looking good which is fun. Fun makes loving your life easy.

To get what you want, you have to like everything about your life now. You have to love your body the way it is which is part of loving the life you have.

Recognize what you LIKE about your life.

Have fun with all of what you like.

Yes, there will be hardships along the way. But the more you keep your eye on what you want and love what is happening the more the law of attraction works for you not against you.

Dream about what you’d like, but have fun with what you have now.

Love The Life You Have in order to create an even better one in the future!

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