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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this.

And I should probably say, it’s not going to when you half ass the protocol.

I see people struggling to get well going to doctors regularly with no apparent signs of relief.

A gal diagnosed with breast cancer posts; another high fever, sicker than a dog throwing up all night. When is it going to end?  

A friend mentions her husband almost killing himself trying the “holistic approach” as she called it hoping to get off meds that keep his blood thin so blood clots won’t kill him.

A cousin diagnosed with Leukemia, I think it was. Asking me a question here and there about what she should do. When I suggest the first protocol to healing dis-ease she got upset asking me ‘what the hell is left to eat if she has to take all the foods she loves out of her diet.’ 

I listened as a friend told me after asking if ‘I’m stilling working in that holistic stuff’ about a guy who is now facing death, because he waited to long to get medical treatment wanting to try the holistic approach to cure his colon cancer. First of all- it’s Not HIS cancer.

Please don’t refer to an illness as yours. When you claim ownership it becomes incredibly hard to get rid of it. 

Illnesses and allergies are just imbalances there to get your attention to what is NOT working for you any longer.

And now, he’s been told it’s to late. Told there’s nothing the doctors can do for him. They apparently said he was dying after wasting too much time trying something that wouldn’t work. They say, per her, they can no longer treat him. As she put it, he’s to far gone.

Nobody is EVER to far gone!

The human body has a will to live based in the soul. When you hear things like this man did, it’s extremely difficult to rid those words from your mind. Now the body succumbs to the belief of what’s been said.

When I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism I took the meds they prescribed. I listened as they told me this was a hereditary condition where I’d be on medication for life. I heard them tell me there was nothing they or I could do.  I also saw within 13 years, the medication no longer worked for me.

If I wanted to live a productive life I HAD to do something different.

I feel incredibly lucky those words”life time disease, and hereditary” didn’t sink in.

I’m not advocating you not see a medical professional. Not my point at all.

I’m just thinking out loud as I process how important making a commitment to something is.

Also going over how this holistic stuff works opposite from the way pills do

Medications treat symptoms. That’s all they were ever designed to do. So you will most likely feel better almost immediately. This is because the meds go right to work suppressing the symptom occurring.

I learned the hard way as do many other people suffering from an ailment. Pills don’t work forever.

The holistic approach works much differently.

It works from the inside on the oldest imbalance working out to the most recent. Meaning….you’re not going to feel better at first. Most likely you’re actually going to feel worse as the protocol used digs deep exposing old viruses and bacterial infections, along with all the emotional crap you went through from childhood to the adult you are today. You might actually be working on a Strep virus you had when you were 17 or the childhood traumas you suffered when you were two, not the imbalance affecting you today. So please have a little patience with the process.

ALL illness is emotional born first.

Cancer takes at least 10 years to show up physically. What you see now is not the cause, that happened 10 to 15 years prior.

Breast cancer- go back to see what was actually happening in your life then. Did you suffer some dramatic loss that hurt you to your core tearing your heart apart? Were you going through a devastating divorce at that time?  Suffer a loss of some kind?

That woman posting throwing up going through chemo; just so happens she went through a divorce 12 or 15 years ago.

This holistic stuff digs deeper than a doctor asking “tell me what’s going on with you” suggesting tests.

Thyroid disfunction also occurs as an emotional imbalance first.

A small butterfly shaped organ located in the lower front part of the neck. Even though it’s small, its functions control most of the body. When this baby goes down it will get your attention!

Weight gain
Loss of energy
Hair loss
Brain fog
Inability to learn
Heart conditions
Reproductive issues
Pituitary imbalances
Hormone dysfunction

Just naming a few.

On the emotional side-

You feel misunderstood.
Feeling as if you can’t communicate clearly.
Never saying what you really want.
Feeling as if life is not fair.
Suffer humiliation.
Feeling left out.
Feeling like you never get to do what you want.
Asking when it’s going to be your turn for something good to happen.
Always feeling limited.

Again, I could go on.

When I was diagnosed I had just gone through a separation with my then husband. Talk about feeling misunderstood, never saying what I wanted, and suffering humiliation!! I just bought a house, was remodeling it and he moved in against my better judgement.

Huge amounts of stress going on in my life.

The one major determining factor that brings up thyroid issues is, stress.

My point, is to remind you there are always two levels that need to be looked at when dealing with an illness.

Treating symptoms doesn’t make illness go away. It just suppresses it. The illness is still there.

The holistic approach asks you to MAKE a commitment to address a lifestyle change. 

Someone suffering blood clots can’t drink five or six cocktails per day. You’d have to make a commitment to stop drinking, forever!

In order to heal, you need to make a commitment to things that will change your life.

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Step 1. The need to address underlying inflammation that is caused by the foods you eat. Meaning- those foods make the immune system attack itself. Instead of doing its job fighting imbalances, it’s busy fighting the foods you eat.

Whether you work with an MD, ND or CNHP like me, the first protocol will be to address the foods you eat.

Taking out all allergen forming foods shows DRAMATIC results making you feel better very quickly.

“This holistic stuff doesn’t work!” Not unless you make a commitment to change your diet immediately.

An Auto Immune Paleo diet (AIP for short), immediately addresses concerns your body has to the foods and chemicals that are poisoning you. This means you make a firm commitment to stop eating ALL grains, seeds and nuts, eggs, sugars, dairy, beans and legumes. Possibly for good.

We’ve seen HUGE progress just by taking out all grains forever. Even further, dairy.

I’m not talking about trying one meal a week. I’m saying right now, today, make a full commitment to eat healthy! 

What you don’t know, you must learn.

Learn what foods cause allergic reactions in the body. Then stop eating them!

If you’re overwhelmed, look to a professional that knows their stuff.

We learn for a reason, and that’s to be here to help you.

It was easy for me to adopt the AIP lifestyle. When you’re finally sick and tired of being sick and tired you can commitment easily! Especially, if you want to live!

You can’t wait to take dangerous inflammatory foods out of your diet. It could be very detrimental.

My ex-business partner died of cancer in 2016. I heard another friend say it wasn’t until the last couple of months of her life that she finally decided to address her diet.

Step 2. Only after addressing your food choices, you address the disease itself with herbs, homeopaths, flower essences and essential oils.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ve made progress by stopping the consumption of one type of sugar, or eating less of a particular food.

Aside from the more known sources of sugar- Corn Syrup, Fructose, Sugar, Brown sugar ( which is just sugar with molasses added), Honey in the Bear (which is actually corn syrup).

There are– Sucrose, maltose, dextrose, glucose, galactose, lactose, glucose solids, and molasses. Plus there are starches to consider, and low fat foods which only add more sugar to your diet. 

A good sugar substitute is RawUnfiltered, Unheated honey or natural Stevia (not the manufactured type)

Don’t fool yourself into thinking just because you add one good food on top of bad foods this holistic stuff is going to work.

Consuming healthy foods on a committed daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis, you begin to heal very quickly.

A friend once said she was not willing to give up the foods she loved, especially her gramma’s cheese cake and donuts.

So don’t. But don’t say this holistic stuff doesn’t work.

You’re not hurting anyone but yourself by eating the way you do.

But please remember, treating a symptom does not make the disease go away. Only treating the cause will.

Wanting to live healthy takes a commitment to living without medication(s), pain free, feeling sane not depressed, loving the life you have.

I’m often asked if I’m on any medication. No, I’m not.

  • I Do support my thyroid with herbs that rebuild and repair.
  • I don’t use medications that stop it from working altogether.
  • I Do eat healthy. Consistently eating 90% all organic foods mainly meat and veggies with a few selective fruits.
  • I do make errors in judgement from time to time. And, I always START again.
  • I’ve been medication free for almost 14 years. Something six doctors told me would be impossible.

Step 3. This holistic stuff has to address your underlying emotional attachment to the ailment showing up. Lifestyle journaling everyday all the unwanted feelings you’ve developed over the years beginning with todays results is a good start.

Addressing ego issues like-

  • Any resentments
  • Anger
  • Frustrations
  • Forgiveness issues (you first, then them)

Underlying hurts you just can’t let go of will need to be addressed as the body is willing to give them up. This means you may be going over the same thing(s) year after year. Or when they’ve chosen to surface even as much as 20 years apart.

Get out of your mind. Let your body determine what it needs to let go. That might be an incident that happened when you were two, and you’ve addressed like a gazillion times already.

  • Don’t judge what wants to come out.
  • Don’t allow ego to say you’ve covered it before.
  • Don’t think you know everything.
  • Be a good learner understanding there is always more to learn.
  • Be loving to yourself not harsh and judgmental.
  • Just allow yourself to write what your body wants to talk about.

As a holistic professional, I offer tests that can see what foods actually mess with your body narrowing the path even further if you want to go that route.

Or you can use muscle testing (kinesiology). Don’t know how, hire someone that can teach you. Or learn on your own.

Don’t trust yourself? Use pendulum testing.

Step 4. If you can’t commit, or stay committed, hire a good professional coach to help. Your life may depend on it.

I can attest, it may not always feel easy to change your life.

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You might believe changes need to be taken slowly.

You may think small steps are best.

When in fact, everything happens fast and permanently, after you make a commitment. Fear is easily overcome as you realize you’re stronger than anything it can create. Making a permanent lifestyle change accessible from the get go.


Many blessings to healthy eating and happy healing!!

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