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When God shuts a door it just might need to stay closed.

Have you been laid off or fired and still continue to look for that same type of job??

Were you in a relationship that didn’t work out?  The hurt and pain seemed endless. Thinking why something so terrible could happen to you. And you go back??

I tried for years failing miserably to open doors that were shut.

When I lost my job I stayed in similar ones which failed too.

When I needed to leave my ex husband, I kept trying to make it work.

I’d go back thinking I’d given myself every opportunity to find a better relationship when truth was I always thought I couldn’t or didn’t want to make it on my own. The end result, he was the best thing.

Those doors were shut on purpose. Instead of accepting the challenge of something better, I continued to struggle. Some days went well. Most failed miserably.

When I’d give my ex another chance to change he’d show me in as little as six months later he really hadn’t. Now I was trapped in that dysfunctional behavior…..again.

I’d ask God why things happened the way they did. Challenging him, demanding I get my way. I just needed something similar is all. Begged to have something I was used to.

I remember a time when my windshield wipers quit working in one of the worst storms ever.

There I sat along side the road banging my head on the stirring wheel screaming at God as I cried asking why my life was so horrible. And worst yet…..I was asking as I cried what I had done to deserve such bad crap happening to me.

My father became an alcoholic because he was so unwilling to change his life. He drank from morning till night just to avoid feeling pain and discomfort.

When things don’t go right, you turn on yourself as well as God.

Do you like who you are?

Do you like your strengths, and the weaknesses?

We all have areas where we need to improve, but many people go through life feeling wrong on the inside. Not really liking who they are dwelling repeatedly on their shortcomings. Of course, otherwise if you weren’t so bad, you’d have the dream job right? You’d have that “new” guy. You’d be successful and healthy right?

This type of thinking can limit the great things you want, keeping you from moving forward.

We all have weaknesses.

Focusing on your weakness, all the wrong happening only weighs you down. Literally stops the good from coming in.

We are all still a work in progress.

When you make a decision to accept yourself, accept where you are right now even during the worst of times……life shifts.

When you focus on the right things for you, life shifts.

Life shifts when you finally understand those doors were closed for a good reason.

  • The job was holding you back.
  • The partner you thought was so wonderful was all wrong from the beginning.
  • The illness you suffer from is there to get your attention.

If you don’t get along with you, you won’t get along with anyone else.

Life won’t get along with you.

If you don’t have a healthy attitude about yourself you won’t get the good stuff. Those doors will keep closing on you till God proves to you what a great person you really are.

Some weakness God leaves on purpose so we have to depend on him.

Otherwise we’d be a bit to egotistical I think. A bit to full of ourselves.

Maybe that guy was not the right one even if you thought he was. Maybe he was like my ex who just wanted to stay statis quo limiting you from being the best you were born to be. And you kept trying to make it work just like me, because you can’t see yourself on any other level than where you are right now. To impatient to see the right person will be delivered to you. The right job will be there with little effort on your part to get hired. Your body will heal with no intervention from even medical.

Something powerful happens when you say yes to God’s will.

God will even use our weaknesses to draw us closer to Him. So like my father….God would have loved him if he’d have let him. Instead, he kept turning down that love drinking his pain away.

So where’s the place to start??


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Joel Osteen says it best. You can experience God’s best today while you’re being molded and transformed on the Potter’s wheel. Meaning….While life is not going that well, you’re still able to see the blessings in it while God is working on you.

You were specifically designed. When you allow less than in your life, a lower energy keeps those doors slamming right in front of you.

The starting point… forgiving you and everyone involved.

It was hard for me to find forgiveness for my father. Because of his lifestyle we lived a very dysfunctional life. My mother was angry all the time. We didn’t have all we needed. And worst of all……I didn’t love myself enough to go for something better when those doors would shut having to prove I was holding myself back.

Your first gift is forgiveness prayers. Without the right building blocks we live on a very unstable foundation.

Sure you might think…..a forgiveness prayer?? How can that change my life?

Oh but how it can!!

It can work miracles for you changing every aspect of your life.

This is what Christmas is all about.


Not presents…miracles.

We just need to believe in them.

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Access your free gift here.

Many many blessing to a forgiving soul.

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