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How do you start your day??

Do you whine like my Rhonda at times thinking there’s soooooooo much to do to function well in this world these days?

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Here’s how it goes….My ungrounded self……led by Rhonda my ego in italics red.

My higher soul self in blue. 

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Get out of bed….

What am I grateful for?? Write it down in my gratitude journal 1st thing every morning. Yah yah yah….I’ll get to it in a minute!!

“What are my intentions for today??” As I’m walking down the hallway to the kitchen. Don’t know….don’t care!!

Looking in the pantry….

One intention is to get some good hot tea in me… tea with ginger root it is!! Then add a little raw honey to make it sweeter please. 🙂 At least you said please…”

Did you know drinking one cup of 1 tsp. loose leaf (must be loose leaf) green or black tea every day increases your risk of NOT getting Alzheimers by 83%? I think those percentages are worth the effort. 

Back to Rhonda’s behavior-

“The world can wait Kelli……Sit and relax while you drink your tea.”  “One good thought you’ve had all morning, Rhonda.” 

Now speaking in a very whiny voice.….. Journal your thoughts on paper as long as you’re sitting here, Kelli. “You don’t have to say it as if it’s such a chore Rhonda”….Really it’s pretty easy and feels very freeing.”

“Wow that did feel good!! There is something to this writing out what comes to mind in the morning. It feels pretty freeing and very cleansing. 🙂 Don’t you go spreading that around though…I don’t want to be doing this every single fricken day.” “See, you should listen to me more often Rhonda!!”

Eat breakfast. Breakfast is very important. Rummaging through the fridge….You expect me to eat??? I’m not hungry!! We don’t have time for this….Let’s get to ‘less important menial things’….. said with the perfect amount of whine…. Struggling to remind myself how important starting my day is with a good a healthy organic meat plus, for sure, one vegetable. Finally my soul self…..Hmmmm…..last nights meatloaf and steamed carrots from the other day. Perfect!!

After eating…..Soul self-Now get on the treadmill.…..Ahhh…..NO!! Not today, I don’t feel like it.....Fine, then you’re doing at least one twenty minute session of kundalini yoga sometime today!! Okay…Okay.. don’t be so pushy. Somebody needs to be….otherwise you wouldn’t exercise at all. You’d just head for your office and sit there all day. That’s not good at all!!

“Shower??” Maybe, we’ll see. Nobody sees me accept the cats. They don’t care what I look like. 🙂

“Get in the shower!!!…You feel better when you look good and feel cleaned of all the energy from yesterday.” “Okay…Okay….Boy, you’re pushy this morning.” 

“Time for work”….Looking out the window….It’s cold and snowy out there. Sure glad we don’t have to drive anywhere. 

Sitting at my desk checking my schedule….

“Looks like there’s time to write a blog today.” “Sure…later, NOT!!”

Lost in emails, Facebook and phone calls……..All Ego, for sure!!

Does your day start out something like this??

Does your hair and makeup take more precedence than fueling your body efficiently?

Do the kids, the husband/wife, the dog, Everyone! come before you every single time??

Research shows placing intentions for your day on paper keep you from wandering from one thing to the next wasting time or using up precious physical and emotional energy.

Staying off Facebook and Not looking at your emails for at least one hour after getting up gives you back 80% of your productive day.

Those are some BIG numbers of lost time a person faces in waisted ego land. 

Intentions are rather simple to make. Yet we struggle to put them as priority.

Starting your day intentionally may just give you back your life.

  • Starting your day with 1 concept of gratitude, writing five sentences that expand on that one feeling has proven to shift a persons thoughts out of negativity and fear into more productive and positive daily activities.
  • Getting yourself grounded first thing before rising or shortly after is an energy tool to keep you from wandering, feeling helpless affected by daily society commotion and ego takeover.

There are several easy ways to ground your energy body. Find what works for you. Here are a few suggestions.

Any outside activity-

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • bicycling
  • dancing
  • All great concepts to incorporate first thing in the morning.
  • Eating a healthy meal is actually very grounding.
  • Anything water is very grounding so bathing, or showering work well.
  • “Linking up” keeps you grounded all day long. Your free gift today. 🙂

No matter how much your ego thinks it’s NOT important to do “the work,”  everyday should be a schedule of energetic tools to get you off on the right foot. After all, it’s a whole lot more fun having FUN during the day rather than walking around aimlessly at the mercy of someone else’s energy or ego takeover.

Access your gifts here.

Many blessings to a grounded- intentional life!

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