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Do you hear yourself speaking these types of words?





All words with one common goal.

Corralling you, keeping you from your dreams, aspirations, and successes.

It’s not the people, where we live and work, or the money you don’t have that keep us from our dreams.

It’s really you uttering these little words along with damaging thoughts about your past behaviors that limit you from attempting, or actually coming close to accomplishing anything you’ve ever wanted in your life. And, up till now, you’ve proven to yourself that you’ve not been able to achieve your desired goals.

I have a friend who confines her horses with a single rope hanging horizontally around their perimeter. That’s it…one little rope.

Growing up, we had horses too, although we kept ours in a “real” fence consisting of four rows of barbed wire. We needed to. The horses were constantly getting out. Not because they didn’t have a big enough area. It was because it only took one time for them to realize they could get out. After that, they did.

I asked my friend why her horses stayed in with just that little rope. Her reply was that they viewed it as a restriction staying away from it.

Envision through your minds eye, a horse, a very large, very powerful animal, restricted by just a small rope.

Just one obstacle keeping it from moving to another area where there’s the possibility of more grass, more room to walk around, more fun in a different environment.

Now, imagine what it would be like to take yourself to a new area in your life WITHOUT the restrictions you’ve placed on yourself to get there.

This is, of course, a metaphor to show you how simple it is for us to limit our own ability to achieve what we’d like in life. For me personally, it was several issues. Getting out of a bad marriage. Gaining a better career. Living free from illness and depression. Gaining a better life in general that was free of sadness, anger, challenge, ill health, and of course, the holy Grail of thoughts which keeps us confined….having little or no money.

For you it could be thinking you don’t qualify for your dream job because you don’t have the right education.

You can’t get your dream job because you believe your past is riddled with behavior problems.

You want a new car, but you currently don’t have the money to get one nor see a way to finance one.

You want a relationship, but can’t see yourself loving someone since your last one failed miserably.

Ask yourself TODAY, WHAT IF?

What if you allowed yourself to believe you’d only need to walk right through that fence. Step over it if need be. Possibly having to jump over it if that’s what it would take for you to eliminate just one of the challenges you face while trying to obtain your dreams.

If not permanently, at least today, allow yourself to venture away from questioning why, where, when or how you’d be able to achieve anything.

Today, remove those nasty little words we talked about. Along with any emotionally charged fear attachment that you feel when you question your aspirations.

Today remove the need to say….

  • BECAUSE I DID_________ Add your shame and guilt.
  • And the biggest one of all, I CAN’T.

One sure way to get what we want is to eliminate all words which keep you seeing what’s NOT possible in your life.

Instead, replace them with words that show all POSSIBILITIES to achieve success.

Ask yourself WHY NOT!!

Why not step over that rope seeking ALL possible ways TO ACHIEVE what could be.

There’s one simple technique you can use to gain what you want in life.

And that’s to take the time to write down everything you’d like to have, see, or be in your life. With of course, NO restrictions!

  • Imagine these things without the limitations of not having enough money, time, education, movement, or ability.
  • Do not allow yourself to attach any thoughts to words such as how, where, when or can’t.
  • Do not try to shame yourself or play any sort of guilt trips with replays of past failure.

Today’s gifts lead to actions letting yourself dream enormous.


Giving yourself an opportunity to see where life might take you.

How it could make you happy if you achieve everything by stepping out of the boundaries of restriction you place by saying words that are meant to hold us back.

This one simple action today can change your tomorrow and beyond.

It only took the horses one time to realize they could achieve freedom. From there they continued the action no matter what they had to do to achieve it. They continued no matter the consequences obtained for doing it. After that there was no stopping them. Not even barbed wire!

Action, the right action, leads to achieving what your aspirations are just by giving awareness to what you want. Of course this hinges on your ability to let go of any past failures or thoughts which serve to hold you back.

By you writing down what you want _______ (you fill in the blank).

You allow yourself to think outside the box using words which simulate ability and success.

Each time you add your “why” to what you want and go to a level five or ten times deeper explaining why, you tell the universe you want more. You tweak your vision to an even bigger style for that day and beyond. Although, it comes about only because you allowed yourself to think outside of what’s keeping you corralled in the first place so be honest!! Stop limiting your thinking.

Horse tells us we are all leaders!

  • He is instrumental in helping you embark on unexpected adventures or to help you when you may need to move quicker than you can on your own.
  • Horse comes into your energy space or shows up physically in your presence to free you from those physically and emotionally constricting aspects of your life.

Each day, every day, one step at a time….writing down your wants. Going deeper into your why. Not being afraid to imagine you living that dream already. Living now before your dream has aspired happy and healthy even in the worst of times, you move your mind from the words I can’t, I don’t know how, I’m afraid, I’m not able…… To,

I can…

I will…

I’m strong…

I’m fearless…

I do know how….

I have the what it takes …

Now is where you insert positive words that work for you to achieve success….

The more you add relating to achievement, the more you move forward achieving.

When you add confidence and eliminate all fear or remembrance of failure you move even closer to your dreams.

And the biggest action of all!!

Saying you accept what you dream OR SOMETHING BETTER!!

God loves it when we are willing to work with his favor instead of us demanding it go our way. When we humble ourselves to his mercy we get even more reward. Ten times more as a result.

With this simple little action, each day your confidence grows stronger knowing you’ve left behind limiting beliefs, and instead, you’ve chosen to adopt strong conviction that you can achieve your goals by believing you’ll have what you dream or something better because of the positive action you’ve attached.

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Access your gifts here to help make your dreams a reality!

Many blessings to the creation of BIG things to come!

Merry Christmas!!

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