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Have you had one of those days lately? You know the ones… When you wake up feeling overwhelmed. You can’t seem to contain the anxious, insecure feelings welling up inside of you for no apparent reason. There’s this nagging ball in your gut, making you feel panicked as you sense a kind of darkness inside.

We all go through things in life that we don’t understand.

-You got laid off as the company you worked for downsized.

-The person you loved walked out of your relationship.

-A person you love left this world unexpectedly.

-You suddenly find yourself alone with no friends or family that understand you.

A dark place. But, did you know that God uses the dark places in our life as part of His divine plan?

All of us, will at sometime, go through a dark place. If you’re like me, two three four ten maybe more. 🙂

You can’t get yourself up off the couch. Out of bed or to work. The pain seems to linger on and on with no end in sight.

Worst case scenario, you could be so depressed in these dark places you just want to die.


The dark place is a must for stepping into the fulness of your destiny.

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Not only did we go through the energy of a Super Full moon recently…the universe has conspired to put us into a deeper challenge.

Full moon’s energy is not only used for manifesting our wants and desires. It’s there to show us what we hide from ourselves.

It’s there to show light to those areas we think we hide but in reality, they are energetically out there for everyone to see.

The only one who can’t see clearly is ourself. A somewhat cruel joke we have to endure.

Hiding our pains, heartache, mistakes flaws and weakness, only serves to bring us deeper into the darkness. So it’s no wonder the universe set up the moon to force our “shit storms” of drama out in the open. Adding to this, the moon was not only full it was Super.

Meaning it was even closer to us than usual.

Meaning we go deeper into the darkness to see what needs to be cast to the light.

Now there is no hiding at all.

We’re sent back into the deep pits of despair to unravel and discard all patterns that do nothing to help us only continuing to hinder our progress.

Yes,……one more time we are made to revisit all those old programs running in the background that serve to hold us back.

Of course each of us is on a different path experiencing unique to us degrees of darkness.

The dark places are where you really grow.

It’s where your character is developed.

Some call it the Dark Night of The Soul.

It’s where you learn to trust, to endure, where your spiritual muscles get stronger.

I’ve found these dark times made me go closer to God and the angels. I say God not universe or source, because I need to bring the whole of the universe to a much smaller degree so I can handle what it throws at me better.

It’s through the dark times we take a new look at ourselves.

It’s where we gather evidence.

Facing the dark times actually toughens you up.

Each dark time has a new lesson.

The universe sends in the full moon energy to cast light to bring that new lesson more out in the open. And if we still can’t see it, each full moon we look even deeper. And deeper and deeper until we finally get the message.  More and more we will continue to move through these areas as the veil of spirituality thins even more.

God uses the dark places to get out attention.

Sometimes we get our best lessons in the darkest of times. 


And now we are entering a portal of 11/11 energy.

Although challenging, this is good. 🙂 We tend to fight the good stuff preferring to stay deep in darkness more when the good stuff is on it’s way. Call it dumb human behavior. We can’t just go right for the good stuff….we’ve learned it all has to be much harder than that.

11/11 energy shows us, us. Much like a mirror; what we do, say, act like, is mirrored to us through another individual. When we don’t get a clear picture of what we portray we get a more “in your face” concept of it. This means- if you need to be more upbeat and positive, you’ll get people telling you, showing you how negative you really are.

If you need to heal from an illness in constant pain and anguish despite what you try, you get people of the same level or higher making you feel as if you need to top them so your disease grows. This is why everyone continues to talk about what is wrong with them instead of saying how well they feel.

So why the darkness?

If there were no contrast we wouldn’t know what to look for.

If there was no darkness, we wouldn’t learn to appreciate the good times as much.

When you don’t get your way. When you don’t feel like you’re understood, the dark place steps in to lead you to trust. Yeah it sucks, but I’ve learned in the darkness you get the meaning of gratitude much better than you can in the light of things.

Life might not have worked out the way you wanted. But this is the time to trust even more.

The dark places are all part of the plan to make you the person you were created to be.

If you let yourself go through the darkness-

Through the illness,

Through the downtime of a lost job.

Through the grief.

When you’re not getting your way, when it’s lonely, when you feel that deepest despair, now is the time to look at what is better.

God gives us new beginnings to every dark place. We just need to be willing to go to that new position, opportunity, door that’s opening for us.  We must be willing to go towards something we’ve never done before.

Are you willing??

While this period may feel heavy, and uncomfortable, it’s beautiful and natural in our ever evolving process spiraling us forward. Now is a time to release any past energetic entanglements that are holding you back to make way for the incredible abundance and growth waiting for us as we go into 2018…

Loving let go 0f-

The people, places, objects, projects, plans, ideas, or dreams that have started to EXIT your life.

Notice what wants to go.

Notice what feels like it doesn’t belong.

Notice contradictions as they rise in your awareness, and any beliefs and thoughts you’re holding that don’t align with your reality any longer.

Feel gratitude for them and then let it all go!

If something is triggering you, either making you angry, irritated or upset then you may have inner work to do. This is that 11/11 mirroring energy taking place. Embrace this as a sign to love and let go. NOT to cling onto it, but to go inside to discover the unhealed wound that is really causing this pain.

Welcome the unknown!

And the more you feel right now, the more you transform! Surrender to the transformation.

Whatever is coming up for you, whatever emotion, fear, doubt, shame, guilt or insecurity is coming to the surface now because it’s on its way out. Exposed to the light made manifest into something even greater than you could ever imagine.

The saying-  “It’s the darkest right before dawn” is absolutely true!! How do I know…..because I’ve lived it many times over.

The light is coming quick!

My prayer for you is to overcome easily all blocks that have only served to hold you back. My prayer for you is to sail into the light willingly.

Big hugs and much love,

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