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I was awake before 6 contemplating getting out of bed. My thoughts—-I think not!! It’s just too dark out there!

A smile came over my face as I thought about the light returning after December 21st. My favorite day of the year. 🙂

It may be the shortest day, but it is the start of daylights return.

I can’t wait!!

Right now I feel kind of burrowed in all covered up nice and warm only to realize I’ll be out there when daylight comes. 

But why wait till daylight comes? Why not get out there right now.

I’m referring to our need to wait till everything is just perfect in order to make a move.

I’m referring to why you shouldn’t wait for daylight to come.

I know this well.

After all, I waited 21 long years to make the move out of a marriage that wasn’t working for me. I kept thinking I needed to have the right job, the right place to live, the right vehicle, enough money, and most of all the courage to make it on my own in order to make all of this a reality. Truth is, the day I said I’m done I didn’t have most of those things in place. And yet, I had the courage to make the move. The one thing that was most important to have, I had!!

I can honestly say I’m not sure how I got it other than to tell you God and the Angels helped me achieve the guts to say I was done. I thought A LOT about leaving. My body did the rest.

Living in that dysfunctional manner, I developed an array of illnesses, and maladies as my body constantly tried to get my attention. From debilitating back issues, to hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, and an autoimmune disorder to developing the need for a full hysterectomy by the time I was 37. All because I was hiding in what I thought was my comfort zone.  Albeit not a very good one.

I was waiting for daylight.

That aha moment. When all things lined up just right to make my move.

That moment in time where I knew for certain I was making the right decision.

But none of that came. What came, was the feeling I couldn’t bury my head in the sand any longer.

I couldn’t stay hidden. It was killing me. I was miserable, broke, and failing at everything I attempted to do.

Life can be, no, it is, very confusing. After all, God never promised us an easy life. But we were promised a good life if we make an attempt to create it.

I work with an info image in my coaching program based on the work of Dr. David Hawkins, Power vs. Force that works fabulously showing you where you exist in the atmosphere we call life. I refer to living as either forced upon you where you have no choice but to take what comes, or having the power to create the life you want based on a few facts Dr. Hawkins points out.

Point of view is very important in living the life of your dreams. Where you direct your thought is where like attracts like. 🙂

In the image, FORCE shows you the emotional context of how you drift through life living with these affected feelings such as Fear, Desire, Anger, and even Pride.

The turning point to gain POWER over your life is in one little factor. And that is COURAGE. Courage shifts you into action. Empowering you to believe anything is feasible. A few short steps to ascertain your goals, hopes and dreams away from pride.

I think we’ve all been there haven’t we? Where our pride has taken over making us think we have control. When in reality, life is really being forced upon us. Life view becomes demanding when we live out of pride.

Actually one little step is all it takes to turn your life into something you dream of.

Courage is all it takes.

Check it out.

But how do we get the courage to make the hard decisions like leaving a marriage? Especially when you think you will hurt someone if you leave. Or even when someone leaves you. How do you gain the courage to move on letting the person go not demanding they come back to you for fear you’ve lost the only person you’ll ever love? Not to mention that person just through you out of your comfort zone making you feel vulnerable, unloved and weak.

How do you get the courage to leave your dead end job to start your life long dream of owning your own business when you only have uncertainty as to how everything will be accomplished??

How do you get the courage to go back to school to create a better way of life for yourself?

The list is endless if you think about it.

All of it is based on a few simple actions.

1.Trusting in God and the Angels first and foremost. There needs to be a heart felt belief in you that says you can rely on a power you cannot see. This is gained in Dr. Hawkins level of neutrality. This is where your life view is satisfactory- something like Love The Life You Have or life is just as it is. The process of releasing control or fear leads to the emotion of trust. 🙂 

2. Asking for help. You need to voice, and write down what your wants are. And then continue to think of what you want to accomplish at all times each day.

3. Empowering yourself before you even get to the courage part. Now here’s where it gets hard…..

Or is it??

Based on the evidence, social psychologist Amy Cuddy came up with in her study from Harvard, it’s not that hard to empower courage after all. I came acrossed her in a TED talks interview. I love her concept and wish I had it way back when, when I wanted to leave my marriage. I believe I could have saved myself, my daughter, and even my ex a lot of heart ache had I known her information back then.

Wondering what it is??

I call it the wonder woman pose.












Amy Cuddy bases her claims on a study about non verbal language and what it shows to others and to ourselves. She explains how powerful a simple body position will change hormone levels and convince your brain you have the courage to do the things you want to create a life of your dreams. Giving you the strength to tip the scale living life through power versus letting life force itself upon you.

Add in the power of I AM statements such as:

  • I am strong
  • I am capable
  • I am intelligent
  • I am worthy
  • I am lovable
  • I am powerful

I am________ you add what you’d like or look up more I AM statements online.

You’ll be a power house, unstoppable for sure.

Click here to access Amy Cuddy’s TED talk.

Don’t wait for the light to come!! Gain the courage now to get out from under those blankets to create the life of your dreams.

Many blessing of empowerment to you!!

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