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Sometimes…well a lot of times if I’m really honest, I’ve felt like a failure or freak as I measure myself to others thinking I only have f

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aults, not the gifts needed to help the world. Sigh…taking a deep breath.

In reality….truth is, I’m not a freak without capabilities…..I’m actually a masterpiece!!

Think about it, if we were created from the most powerful source in the universe we call God (which most people including me, believe we are) how can we not be special human beings?

I’m not trying to get all religious on you. I use the word god since I need to relate that energy as a person making it more real for me.

It hasn’t been all that long, maybe the last 20 years that I realized God is an energy existing on all levels, in all dimensions, through time and space, past present and future.

That energy surrounds us. Even when we can’t see it, it’s there.

It’s actually a frequency that vibrates in us, along side us, and everywhere in between.

The story goes something like, the word god translates to I AM since the name “God” was considered so holy people wouldn’t even say it. And when God asked Mose to lead the Israelites to freedom Mose asked him, what he should tell them to help them understand they should follow him. God told Moses to tell them he was working for ‘I AM’.  So there for, when Moses said he was sent by I AM Moses became I AM. I AM energy ran through him giving him anything and everything they needed to persevere. God said to Moses, “I AM whatever you need.” I AM giving you your joy, your peace, your strength, your victory. Your way of escape.

Therefore the I AM THAT I AM means- I am God since God’s energy is working through me, for me. God is me.

How powerful is that!?!

Struggling through a family with huge judgement issues, I’ve been thinking about how this world has done such an injustice as to live in judgement assuming- if we’re not educated a certain way, look a certain way, act a certain way, have a certain color or gender, then therefore we are different than another human being and most times considered an outcast.

However, I can’t sit in an ivory tower feeling all powerful thinking just cuz I realized this I don’t judge. I think we all do at some point in our lives simply because we have an ego. And in some cases, when the ego is in full control we judge all the time. It’s a learned behavior incredibly difficult and yet very easy to conquer, when we realize we were all created from the same energy source, “I AM” giving us everything we need to overcome any obstacle.

If you look at what God, source energy conveys….we are stronger than we could ever imagine since the I AM energy is running through us. So this concept says we shouldn’t suffer from depression, procrastination, overwhelm, and lack there of since I AM gives us whatever we need to overcome any challenge.

There are no specific rules to how we should talk, think or act. God instilled within us free will. The ability to be different, create as we see, and act as we think if we so choose.

In fact, we’re allowed to be do and have, what any other person has been able to create as they live the I AM presence within themselves.

So why aren’t we all living the big dream free from challenge since we’ve all been APPROVED through the I AM presence?

We also have a series of damaging beliefs, an underlying energy which is not really real nevertheless has worn away the strong I AM presence in us.

Those unrealistic beliefs are-

  • I’m not enough, never deserving.
  • I’m not loved, liked or appreciated.
  • I’m not safe.

This is actually subconscious learned behavior picked up at a very young age from our parents or those closest to us. These are not rational thoughts, but they are very real thoughts.

If the very unrealistic program running in the background of your mind is I’m not good enough, never deserving, anything you want will have to come as a challenge because you must prove why you don’t have a particular thing. Or why you don’t deserve what you want in the first place.

For example; If you have that I’m not enough, never deserving program running you’ll stay in a bad job or bad marriage even though it doesn’t serve you since you can’t prove why you deserve something better. Each day you’d go to work feeling depressed and miserable. You’ll find yourself on the couch day after day watching meaningless TV shows. Since you’re not good enough there’s only one conclusion that works…and that’s that you don’t deserve a better job or a better partner. It won’t occur to you to get a better job because you’d have to seek better places to work. You won’t leave the relationship because you think no one wants you anyway.  

There will always be an excuse to why you can’t get what you want.

You will always be drawing someone to hurt you since you don’t believe your good enough or loved enough or safe enough.

You won’t try to change what’s wrong because you must keep the unrealistic archetypes running efficiently in your brain.

You need to prove your point that you’re not good enough or loved by living those situations that prove it.

That major shift you need never comes. Only the stories continuing to play out about how life is not fair and you can’t have something better.

There will always be some excuse to keep you feeling like you’re not good enough since, if you shift, you could actually live happy. Instead, you stay put, unhappy, struggling, wondering why everyone else can have something you want even though you can have it too if you eliminate the bad program playing in your head.

This same example could be used to describe why you don’t have a good relationship with anything in your life.

Most people don’t even realize these stories are running underneath like a computer program in the background.

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Do me a favor.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath, settle yourself to tune into your body noticing any sensations. 

Image of a wave of calm go down through your body leaving you feeling peaceful.

Now, think about a situation you are currently experiencing which is not going well for you.

Imagine what that situation would be like if…..YOU changed the dynamics of it. Maybe it’s that you went from not having a relationship, to seeing yourself with a loving partner. Or you went from living with someone that doesn’t want you to someone that loves you like crazy!!

What are you FEELING?

Is there a physical sensation that shows up in your body?

An unsettled feeling?

Do you feel worry?

Or hesitation?

Was it an uncomfortable feeling for you when you noticed you were in a relationship you’ve always wanted?

Does that good relationship look different from the one you currently have? If so, how has it changed?

Did you go straight to feeling you were to heavy if weight has been a concern for you? Immediately feeling to fat thinking no one could love you?

On a scale of 0-10, what degree were the feelings of comfort or discomfort?

Awareness is about 75% of a solution.

If you’re not aware you cannot solve a problem.

We’ve all created coping mechanisms to keep us at the level we’re at with one or all three of these archetypes running in our heads.

We stay stuck until we get honest with what we’re dealing with.

You’ve put a lot of things in place to keep you at the level you’re at even when you feel like crap at that level.

You won’t change if you don’t deal with the crap you avoid just because it might hurt.

When you’re experiencing a problem you have to do something to shift your behaviors otherwise the problem shows up in all areas of your life. What effects your relationships, effects your job and money situations too. Notice I didn’t say you have to shift someones actions…We need to shift our own programs running in our minds.

Be honest when you look at these three beliefs. Ask yourself to acknowledge which of these three archetypes play out for you. If you can’t identify which one(s), ask a close friend or family member to point out yours. They can see them. We think we hide our flaws from others, when in truth everyone can easily see in us that which we think we keep unseen.

Most times it’s easier to shift small changes first.

Ask yourself this– What’s the least I can do that will give me the most results?

What comes to mind instantly?

Start with that and don’t forget I AM That I AM (you are God God is in you, granting the necessary changes to help you create happiness in your life. If you ALLOW the help in the first place.

With God’s help you’re Healing from the inside out!  🙂

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