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We’re half way through January and things are going to get a little shaky for some of us.

2016 is a completion year. So for many, it’s going to feel as if you’re hanging upside down having the life shook out of you. This is because you need to complete anything that’s not serving you.

As a 9 year, 2016- 2 +1= 3 + 6 = 9 is full of magic where the end is near. 2017 starts back at one 2 + 1 = 3 + 7= 1 (0’s don’t count) starting a new eight year onset of things that can happen magically or tragically depending on how we work through this year. These number sequences are the very reason why our journey here on earth never ends no matter how many issues we tackle.

When there’s an ending, there is always a new beginning!!

The best of the best is yet to come in 2016.

Everything is supposed to go like clockwork for you.

Everything you touch is supposed to turn to gold.

This is really the year when fantasy becomes reality. And then you hear the record player needle scratch across the vinyl!! (If I knew how to place sound here this would be the place. Scraaatchhhhhhhhhh)











Really?? Everything can be that wonderful??

It can, if you’re a person who doesn’t hold on to what no longer works for you.

I hate to burst your bubble, but there is a catch. There always is. Not everything works in fairytales.

First you need to fix what’s not working.

Relationships that no longer work will need to end.

You’ll be tested on a constant basis throughout the year making sure you’ve adjusted what doesn’t work.

Anything keeping you from achieving happiness will be looked at.

Those who believe making money easily is a challenge may find themselves with none until they overcome their beliefs that they don’t deserve to make enough and more.

Illness will be a major complaint this year. Anything in your body that’s plagued you in the past will be front and center in your face so you can finally heal from it. Or sad to say, many people will be moving on to the great beyond because it’s just not worth the sacrifice to get healthy for them.

Long time virus, and bacterial complaints along with aches and pains will be very evident. After all, you’ll need to see what you’re after in order to eradicate it from your body for good.

Yes, you can heal from Fibromyalgia, Celiac or Crohn’s, Chronic fatigue and Heart disease. You can even heal cancer! And you don’t always need knee or hip replacements in order to walk pain free.

Weight issues will finally be addressed. Or at least you’ll be made to address them. There are many different body types. No one is perfect so don’t expect to be. Those models we’re led to believe are so beautiful, are really people who watch their P’s and Q’s keeping themselves in the shape they’re in.

I’m talking more on the lines of people who need to address their weight issue to see whether they carry those extra pounds merely to protect themselves to keep energy away from them, and to stay invisible. Or is it because there is a legitimate imbalance in what they eat like inflammation issues caused by allergic reactions to foods? Or are you just plain eating the wrong foods to self medicate an underlying problem from your past.

In any event there will be tools, techniques, and teachers lined up to help all of us adjust what is no longer working in order to shift into a better more reliable relationship with yourself.

2016 will be the time you’re able to give back other people’s stuff that you unknowingly took on as you stepped in to help them. Those aches and pains you’re experiencing might not even be yours. They could be coming from grandma. You felt so bad for her as she suffered through her illness, you actually took on her problems as yours developing her issue so she had a chance to heal. Yeah you for helping out!! But unfortunately, those people you thought needed help, really needed to work through their own issues. You now will be asked to energetically give it all back to them so they can deal with it on their own. Meaning, you get to see where the real cause of what you’ve been dealing with stems from in the first place.

Those money issues you have might just be coming from your parents views about money. Or could even be from generations before them. Problems will be uncovered that need to be given back in order for you to achieve wealth. At this same time you’ll fix your own individual ways finishing everything that no longer works for you.

If you were a victim suffering emotional/physical/sexual/verbal abuse you will be coaxed into addressing any underlying complaint left in the wake of destruction done to you.



You get to give back anything that was given to you. No, you’re not going to abuse someone. But you are energetically going to let go of those memories and remove any leftover pain and suffering to your ego and self-esteem. Those beatings you took will surface once again through lost remembrance to address the love you lack for yourself in order to be plenty good from now on. Forgiveness will have to be given.

Where’s the starting point, since many of you may have several issues you’re working through??

The starting line is at the relationship level with yourself.

You’ll be asked to examine how well, you love YOU.

You’ll address when enough is enough for you. Since clearly, some people, me included, can’t seem to let go of the past so easily.

Aren’t you tired of being sick?

Then stop listening to the medical staff telling you you’ll have an illness for life. That’s bull****!! In real life dealing with your spiritual self, illness is a means to an end of sacrifice. Archangel Raphael (angel of all things healing) constantly reminds me that the mind can heal any disease as long as you don’t own the illness. It’s not yours to own. It’s only here to show you where your thinking is out of balance. Have you ever said “my allergies, my thyroid disorder, my fibromyalgia??” If you have, you’ve owned the disease keeping it around for a long time until you’re ready to face why it came in the first place. The emotional attachment to allergies is- who are you allergic to?? Who takes up more space in you than you want?? You deny your own power when you take on allergies. Thyroid disorders are caused by humiliation. Not being able to voice yourself and feeling like you’re never heard.

Don’t you want to make enough money to support yourself and your family the way you desire? Then believe money CAN grow on trees.

Don’t you want the advantage of walking around without all those extra pounds slowing you down making you tired, weak, and self conscious with your look? Be willing to see pop, dairy and donuts are not as healthy as commercials lead us to believe.

Don’t you want the love of your life to come in? Then be willing to let go of the relationship that no longer serves you. Be willing to be alone with yourself!!

I know I make it sound easy to right the wrongs. This can be a simple process once you know what you’re dealing with.

There is a way to find out where your stating point is.

Your time is Very Valuable …You can waste months and years trying to figure out what you should do to heal any imbalance reading random blog posts and watching info videos … listening to everyone tell their story of how they overcame their challenges, or you can invest in yourself and have it all professionally explained for you …you can get rid of your relationship issues TODAY …

I love Inspiring People … and if I can make a difference in one persons life, then that is success for me!

Your answer(s) lies in the Akashic records. These are records kept in a place you cannot even see much less access on your own.

This information is based on everything we chose to take on here in the human body. I describe the process as standing in front of God before we’re born signing a contract to fulfill all kinds of events throughout our life. Not all of them have to be good. Many times, we sign agreements experiencing trauma issues to insure others learn from our lessons. This process of uncovering what you signed on for is called an Akashic Record reading. I am able to open these records to see what your challenges and strengths are.

I’m able to work with the record keepers to access your relationship records first based on the relationship with yourself, and then with all the other issues described above and many more.

Remember … I am here for you … I have enjoyed working with all of you and I am totally looking forward to helping you create a magical 2016 and beyond.

And because I appreciate your success so much, I am offering a limited time Akashic record reading based on “relationship” at a discounted price of only $50.00.

Last year at this time, I offered something similar examining money issues within the Akashic records. The results were spectacular!!

Here are a few of the responses.

Wow. That is amazing. It’s as if you have been looking over my shoulder watching me. I will happily follow this advice and learn to let go.

Thank you so much!!

Blessings to you.


I briefly looked over the information you have given me and am so amazed at what I read. You were so spot on with me and my “wavering pattern”!! The words on the page were all ME!!! This is such a freeing experience for me right now.

Then when you mentioned TRUST is my underlying issue, the bells and sirens went full blast roaring in my head. I have always had trust issues with other people and with myself due to poor choices I have made in my past. It is to the point that I don’t/can’t/won’t move forward in my own life because I am so tired and frustrated with all of my past mistakes. I don’t want to make anymore of them. I am now realizing that making mistakes is OK and it even helps me to weed out what I thought I wanted in my life. I never thought I would be where I am today – unhappy in all aspects of my life – but I know this moment and the next and the next are the starting points for me to make the changes I desire to get to where I want to be in life and to become who I want to be in life. This wonderful and accurate reading has given me that extra push I need to motivate myself to make changes.

Thanks for everything you have given me and for your amazing, beautiful gift you have shared with me. Do you do other types of Akashic Records readings for other topics (career, relationships, parenting, etc.)? I would be interested in an overall reading if you do.


So if you’re ready to get in touch with yourself, now is the time to do it!!

You have the rest of this year to rectify what you’ve been doing to self- sabotage your successes. As soon as 2017 hits you’’ll be in another eight year pattern to work through those issues. Don’t let yourself do this any longer!! Take advantage of my special offer today!!

Take advantage of a whole reading at the old price of $150.00 if you need to. (As long as it’s paid for and scheduled to take place in the month of January or February.)

You are the most important person in your life!! You live with yourself 24/7. There is nobody more important than you. Not even your kids. If you’re not healthy and here for them you can’t help them anyway!!

Here are some relationship areas to choose from:
-Partners/people- mother, father, family, acquaintances (please specify)
-Struggle-(advise me to what area you’re most affected)
-Or any other challenge you feel you’ve been unable to over come that has to do with you and your relationship with yourself. You tell me what you’d like to look up.

How this is all going to work…I will touch on all of what’s above through an email reading. No need to contact me to schedule an appointment. All you have to do is pay for the session. If you wish to hear more on one particular area where you suffer the most consequence in the relationship department state what that is in the contact form provided below. After I’ve received confirmation that you’ve registered and have your zeroed in questions regarding relationships, I put you in line. First come first serve. You will receive an MP3 download recording from me pertaining to what I saw in your records including any tools, or techniques and activations needed to help you overcome any challenges thus far. 🙂

Right now the energy of this new year is about taking the time to appreciate all the things we love about ourselves in order to spread the love. Instead, we focus on the things we don’t like about ourselves. Everyday those challenges show up making it impossible to Love The Life You Have, much less to spread any kind of love to others.

There isn’t any reason you don’t deserve to have or be the best!!

Once you change your attitude about yourself, you’re able to live in a higher energy closer to your source as a spiritual person like God intended.

Sign up now to find out what your challenge(s) is and how to remedy the effects.

Many blessings to you!!


“All Our Dreams Can Come True If We Have The Courage To Pursue Them.” ~ Walt Disney

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